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Have you ever looked for or tried to create a real world policies and procedures handbook for your studio? It’s near impossible to find a good one… that’s why when I started consulting a few years back with health clubs, studios, and trainers I decided to build my own. I kept it simple, easy to read, easy to implement, and condensed everything into 4 pages. Be sure to have all new hires sign the last page and make sure to review this handbook with your CPTs at the begining of every year.

I’m going to give you a copy of my exact “Policies & Procedures” manual or handbook that I have all new CPTs sign when I hire them on board. That way there if there is ever a question or issue in the future, I show them the policy from our small handbook…

Like everything, I try to simplify…

Therefore, I took the 13 pages of “stuff” that no one was going to read and condensed into an easily digestable 4 page “P&P” handbook.

Feel free to make any changes, subtractions, or additions you’d like…

>>> Download my Policies & Procedures Handbook here

I hope this document makes your life a little easier and gives you one less thing to have to worry about… Plus, I find it looks like you have your act together when you present a very professional handbook to your new hires.


Here is the new 2012 Updated Policies & Procedures:

>>> Download the 2012 Policies & Procedures for your team

(Please feel free to edit it and use it for your private fitness business use)



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  • Justin Rovtar

    What are you charging the clients for 45 minute sessions? I want to know how much you make.

    Pay Structure
    45 minute sessions:
    Semi-Private: $25 paid out for each client in a semi-private session. Up to $75 per 45 minute session with three clients working at the same time.
    Private: $35 per 1-14 sessions; $41 per 15-29 sessions; $47-50 per 30+ sessions
    Marketing: non-paid
    Complimentary sessions: non-paid

    • Hi Justin, it’s right here at:

      I pay out about 50% and then also keep 100% of my own training, seminars, groups, etc. Plus, there’s the online work that I do which is almost 100% profit (about 2.5 – 7% in processing fees) unless sold by an affiliate. Some of that is tied into the studio and then I have a separate division that is dedicated to only online training and has nothing to do with my studio business.

      Hope that helps!