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olympic-ringsCheck out this really fun Studio Challenge that I created to coincide for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Of course, you could use it anytime of the year, but this is the perfect time to get it going. Also, all the forms are “done-for-you” so just print them out and add some spark to your studio!
Hi S3 members!
I have a cool idea for you to run with for your studios. I developed a 10 exercise “challenge” for our studio members to complete and try to reach 300 reps on.
You may feel free to change out the exercises or any other part of it that you’d like in order for it to fit your type of studio training – just don’t forget to make it doable for at least 50% of your members!

Here are the forms:
>>> Download the 11 x 17 Poster to Hang in Your Studio
>>> Download the 8.5 x 11 Sheet for Your Members

Also, here is the email I sent out to my CPTs explaining how they should present it to their clients:
“In honor of the Winter Olympics I just posted the “Stephen Cabral Studio 2010 Olympic Challenge” above the water cooler.
It involves the 10 exercises that we spoke about previously at our meeting and it has instructions on how to complete it with your clients if they would like.
It will most likely take about 30 minutes to complete if your client is resting a full 2 minutes between exercises. You could do it after a complete dynamic warm-ups and let you client know it would be considered a good full body workout… Maybe we could also have people come in on a Saturday to complete it at a certain time as well?
I am also going to leave an 8.5×11 master sheet to make copies of in the office to write in your client’s reps.
We’ll also plan on giving away a month’s supply of supplements to the top man and woman finishers.
Let me know if you have any questions and let’s try to spice this up and make it fun for our clients!”
This is one of those fun things you should implement in your studio to keep things fresh and lively… of course, not everyone will partake, but even those who don’t may tell their friends about it, etc
Also, the winners will get their names and photos put up as the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists!
Have some fun with and let me know how it worked for you!
Once the Olympics are over we will be keeping this challenge going. We’ll just change the name to the SCS 300 Challenge! (SCS = Stephen Cabral Studio)


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  • Mike Bruce

    This is golden Sir. Great idea. I have done various weight loss challenges, referral challenges and we always have a good time. It builds the moral of the gym and keeps the camaraderie high.
    I have a Strength of Hercules Board up on on of the walls in the gym. It is a list of various degrees of difficult exercises. Anyone is welcome to try any of the strength feats and then get the recognition. This has worked great for me with my mens groups. I only run 1 coed class as a bonus class. Being a former USMC Marine I like to keep the ladies sand gents separate when we train.
    Your system is amazing and the best money I’ve spent in a long time.
    Kind regards,
    Mike The Machine Bruce