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fitness marketing

fitness marketing

I really can’t say too much about this one except that it is outrageous how at how well it works. It’s something your clients can’t believe your giving to them and it could possibly DOUBLE your clientele within 30 days… Get ready for this!

Your getting the behind the scenes scoop on what I’ll be offering all my clients this year as part of their “Holiday Gift” from the studio.

Basically, we’re giving them a “black card” that has “VIP” and “$190” written on it. It’s going to be packaged in a gift card envelope that they can give to anyone of their friends of family members. They only get one and it looks like they actually paid for it! The recipient who gets it will think their friend is very generous for giving it to them and it makes a killer gift for the holidays (for us, for the client, and for the recipient)! Check the video out for the full scoop on how I’ll being giving them to our clients without it looking like I’m using it as a referral generating tools – and instead a BIG BONUS for them this Holiday Season!

Plus, giving out a VIP card is so much cooler than a regular old gift certificate – it makes both the giver and receiver feel special and like they are a part of a great community (which is exactly what you are trying to build for long term client retention!).

Check out the VIP card designs below and feel free to copy or tweak them to meet your fitness business needs.

>>> Download the VIP Gift Card Front

>>> Download the VIP Gift Card Back

I will bring you the video within the next 2 weeks showing you what they are, but for now I think you’ll have a pretty good understanding that they are plastic gift cards with a new twist.

Here are the companies I used to make it happen:

(this company is in China and did great work very inexpensively for me)

(this is where I bought the gift card holders for cheap!)

More details to come!


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  • Raymond cattaneo.ray@gmail.com

    Hey Stephen,

    What systems do you think are best at this stage of the game for you? Im looking for something that catches all (workout tracking, assessments, emails, etc.)….Do you use mindbody? zenplanner? infusionsoft?

    • Hi Raymond,

      That’s a good question and I still use exactly what is written in the S3 Member’s area for daily appointment sheets, session records, payroll, etc.

      However, at my new location we use Mindbody for massage scheduling and selling of nutritional supplements. But, i would not use Mindbody for personal training scheduling since the goal would be to have clients reserve a time and come in at the same time EVERY week. This is the only way you will ever have a consistent business where your personal trainers know exactly how many sessions they’ll be doing…

      I’m not a fan of Infusionsoft, but I do use Aweber for my text based email to clients, and Constant Contact for our offer based emails (massage, supplements, and infrared sauna).

      Hope this helps, and above all keep it simple!

  • Tony DAssisi

    Just wondering where the video is for this Steve? Would like to hear your take on …… “Check the video out for the full scoop on how I’ll being giving them to our clients without it looking like I’m using it as a referral generating tools – and instead a BIG BONUS for them this Holiday Season!

    • Hi Tony,

      Thanks for the email and it’s good to hear from you. I definitely would have replied if the comment came up in the admin section, which it didn’t.

      As for the video I didn’t create it because most people have a good idea of the plastic gift cards now. However, I’d be happy to shoot a quick video for you if you are not familiar with what they look like. Also, what I did was give each client a card with a hand written note in it telling them I appreciate them as a client. I also enclosed the VIP card in the envelope and told them it was my free gift to them to give one of their friends. That friend could use it for a complimentary SCS Fitness Consultation and Personal Training Session.

      I hope this helps and I will put your email on our “safe list” because for some reason you got banned ; )

      Let me know if you have any other questions or need anything else and I’ll make sure to create a post on it or answer it here.

  • Adam Mole

    I’m interested to know what your stance would be on anyone that chose to receive the consultation but decided not to take up the offer of $100 off a block. Would you still supply them with the finding/ feedback from the consultation or would you withold this information? Just trying to get my head around whether you follow your standard system for signing up new clients or adapt it sightly.

    Many Thanks

    • Hi adam,

      I’m not exactly sure what your question is… We never offer any discounts.

      The VIP card above entitles a new client (referral) the opportunity to come in for a consultation and single fitness program day. We would give this person their program card for that day, but would with hold the complete diet plan, fat burning intervals, stretches, etc. if they do not decide to continue on with a package at our studio.

      Does this answer your question?

  • Troy Johnston

    I am really eager for this design. This is a great idea!