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Smart Studio Systems simplifies the process of meeting with new clients and takes you through the assessment step-by-step. These forms put your prospective clients at ease when they see how professional you look using them and how the process will flow during that meeting. These forms are a must in converting prospects to paying clients!

>>> Download Professional PARQ

>>> Download Goal Setting Sheet

>>> Download Body Composition Analysis Sheet

>>> Download Strength Assessments and Current Nutrition

These are the forms I use during my complimentary fitness consultation. It makes my team and I look organized, professional, and high end. This makes potential clients feel at ease when they meet with us and get ready to make the buying decision. I also put all of them on the right hand side of my new client welcome packet ( I take them out in the beginning of the consult and then keep them at the end for their files).

I will eventually film exactly how I do this so that it is crystal clear!

For now, just start including them in your presentation and WOW them with your professional knowledge and skills!


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  • Linda Black

    Hi Steven,

    Is their a client waiver or client liability form somewher that I’m just not seeing?


    • Hi Linda,

      Please just type in “Liability” or Liability Waiver” into the search box and you will find it.

      Let me now if you still have issues, but it’s definitely under the Business Tool Box!

  • Sidney West

    hello stephen..you mention a progress log as one of the forms in the welcome packet…where is it located? i can not seem to find it in the tools section…thanks!

    • Hi Sidney,

      I’m not sure what you mean by “progress log.” However, if you are referring to the “progress report” we use just type that key word phrase into the search box on the top of the right hand column and it will show you the previous post on our progress report (you will be able to download it there).

      Hope that helps!

  • Hi Eric,

    That is an HTML or web designer question.

    You can create the forms yourself using Yahoo Websitebuilder or have a designer create the forms for you.

    Actual web design tutorials is beyond the scope of this personal training business license… also remember that if you sign up for any of the programs I use like Aweber, etc they have customer service departments that can walk you through most everything you have a question on. Check out the “Resources” category for more tools.

  • Eric Tostrud

    Stephen, is there anywhere that shows us how to create/use on our own web page your ON-LINE PARQ that is on your page? (the one visitors can fill out on-line)? I only see the printable version.

  • Robert Selders

    Stephen, can you add the Excel version of the strength assessment and current nutrition form here like all the others? Thanks!

    • Hi Robert,

      I will look for them and if they weren’t created in a graphics program by my designer I will upload them for you as soon as possible…

  • I will fix the link now – thanks

  • Tina Davis

    “Download Body Composition Analysis Sheet” will not download