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This sheet is stealth… I just insert it in every new client welcome packet and what it does is plant the seed that this is how our studio operates. We’re already conditioning each new client to refer their friends, family, and coworkers to us. You’re going to laugh when you see how cool this coupon sheet is! Plus, you get to copy it exactly or customize it to match your studio needs.

Enjoy the cool new sheet and be sure to slip this into your new client welcome packet!

Also, you’ll see at the top of the sheet there’s a cool coupon they can cut out and give to an interested friend, co-workout, or family member to use for complimentary fitness consultation. You could also make it good for a bootcamp class or any other niche you want!

>>> Download the New Referral Coupon PDF sheet here

>>> Download my WORD Doc Referral Sheet here

Keep a look out for my new 2010 sheet – it will actually look like this:

(S3 Insider Sneak Peak!)

1st referral = Free protein supplement container!

2nd referral = Free massage!

3rd referral = Free dinner out on the town on us!

I know this will work out great for my team and studio to get the referral chat going stronger!


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  • Justin Templehof

    Where did you get these voucher booklets printed?

    I can obviously open & download what you have suggested, but the graphic above looks like you have made it into a hardcover type booklet.

    How did you do this?

    • Hi Justin,

      That’s just a random stock image ; )

      We put the referral forms right in our new client folders for them to take home and we also post it in our studio

  • Hi Tina,

    I would really work on service within your business and make sure they are staying on at least a year…

    I just stay in touch with inactives and let them know we are there for them to help them stick with their programs and reach their goals.

  • Tina Davis

    What kind of deals do you send to get unactive clients, active again?.
    I ‘ve notice our clientele stay about 6 months or less. Some are long timers