S3 New Client Nutritional Supplement Recommendation Form

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Another stealth S3 new client sheet! I just slip this baby in my new client packets and it works like magic. We all know that our clients will get better results if they can find simplified ways of eating better and making better nutritional choices and this form guides them through that process. I just simply use the checklist sheet and recommendation form for what they may be lacking and what I feel will help them stay on track to maximize their results. It works and takes away the selling process…

>>> Download the Nutritional Supplement Offering Sheet

Remember to put this sheet in your new client welcome packet!


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  • Jeff Paluseo

    I was just wondering if you would disclose what supplements you offer, so that I could develop another part of my business.


  • Hi Terry,

    I’ll put up a full private content article on this in the next few weeks under the resources section…

    Stay tuned!

  • Terry Ford

    Have you researched a certain brand/s that you are willing to stand behind and recommend to your clients?