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This is by far one of the most requested needs of every fitness business owner. Most fitness pros are letting dozens of leads slip through their fingers because they simply don’t have a proven system to follow up with prospective clients. If you’re not setting up fitness consultations for at least 8 out of 10 leads then you’re missing out on thousands of dollars a month in new client revenue, and worse, if you’re spending money on advertising or a website you’re literally throwing that money away. Watch this new video inside and use the downloadable template to plug up all the holes in your prospective client follow up sequence. This is the exact formula I’ve been using to grow my fitness business every month!

Hi S3 Members!

Right now you probably work hard to get leads in the first place so when you do get them be sure not to let them slip through the cracks in your business.

In my business I make every lead count. Even if they weren’t the best quality lead I’m going to have my team (or myself) follow up with them until they either tell us they’re not interested or they st up a time for their complimentary fitness consultation.

You should do exactly that same thing.

The other key point here is that this system can be taught to everyone on your team – you should be the one to teach them personally. I’ve done this with all my CPTs and this is one of the reasons I can go away for 3-4 weeks at a time and still be GROWING my business.

I simply email the lead myself when I do my 30-minutes of email every morning while I’m away (although sometimes I don’t always have email access if I’m in the jungle or some other remote location) or I send the lead directly to one of my CPTs to follow up with using this sequence. If you don’t want to check email while you’re on vacation then you can just as easily have these emails sent to an assistant or a member on your training team.

Once everyone knows the sequence they just “plug and play.

Now let’s just get right to how you use this follow up sequence for new leads you get from your online and offline marketing.

First, download the form below:

>>> S3 New Lead Follow Up Template

Second, open the Excel document and then play the video below.

Third, start using this new lead follow up sequence immediately in your business!




I hope you enjoyed learning the process I have been using successfully over the past few years to grow my business and convert leads to actual clients. Please feel free to comment below with how it’s been working in your business or if you have any questions!


Committed to your success,

Coach Cabral, CSCS, CPT, NS
Voted “2011 Personal Trainer of the Year”
Health Consultant for MTV, Men’s Health, MAXIM, Dietcom, NutritionData, SELF



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  • Michael Warren

    Hi Stephen,

    I’m looks no for information on lead follow-up and sales process. I saw in the comments that you mentioned a DVD set that was also mentioned on the sales page when I signed up. You say below that it walks you through your sales script. Is that still available?

    “Thanks for the comments. When you receive your 11 DVD VIP Package there is a 3-DVD set on EXACTLY how we close clients. It literally walks you step-by-step on how we do it and what we say.”

    Second: Do you have a script/process for handling phone leads? (People calling to get prices/interested in training/etc etc)?

    Thanks again for your help Stephen. Much appreciated.

    • Hi Michael,

      The DVDs are being made available now online so that you can watch them anywhere (almost done!).

      This happened due to popular request, and also to protect the material for S3 Members, since this is the last year I’ll be taking on new members.

      You’ll receive an email soon with updates!

      The sales script for phone calls is not one I’ve put up, since everyone’s business is different. However, I did put up all my email templates, which is essentially what we’re talking with each prospect about. We just do it in more of an informal way based on what they said their goals are.

      Feel free to post your specific questions and I’ll answer them no problem-

  • Christian Leighton

    Do you have the templete for these emails?

    • Hi Christian, Not a problem and I will pull together all of our emails templates and get them up soon!

  • Jonas Deffes

    Hey Stephen, loving all this content… Is there a section where you discuss trainer rates that you briefly mentioned in the beginning on the video?


    • Hi Jonas,

      Absolutely and thanks for the comment. All you have to do whenever you’re searching for content is use the top right hand column box and type in your search word or phrase.

      In this case you could type in “pay rate” or “session rate”.

      Hope this helps and you’ll find a few posts on exactly how I pay my CPTs and manager. However, please keep in mind that I never tell you how much you should pay them – I simply give you all the tools you need to make your business successful.

      In different parts of the country and world some people charge much more than I do and some charge less, so it’s up to you to find out what people in your area typically charge and then go from there.

      Hope that helps!

  • Katherine Kapuszczak

    Thanks Stephen for re-enforcing the fact that a follow-up is necessary. I think we all have intentions but sometimes we let go of it and we should not. Also, will you be putting out a segment on closing clients as I cannot see it in the line up…thanks Katherine

    • Hi Katherine,

      Thanks for the comments. When you receive your 11 DVD VIP Package there is a 3-DVD set on EXACTLY how we close clients. It literally walks you step-by-step on how we do it and what we say.

      Of course, it is all built on providing value, but we phrase it very specifically. Those DVD packages are shipped out 30 days from when you signed up so you’ll be getting them soon!

  • Another suggestion I have is that when you open any of the forms or templates I provide for you on the Smart Studio Systems website is that you print them out an put them in a binder. This will serve as your “master copies binder” that you can refer to whenever you need additional copies for your business. You can of course keep the documents saved as well and then open them as needed, but I do like having a back up in my studio…

    Hope this helps!