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I’ve made this really easy for clients to just give you their payment details once and then they never have to worry about it again. It makes signing up for future packages a breeze and something they don’t even think twice about. I’ll give you my exact invoice form and show you how I file them for future use. This will save you tons of time and will eliminate the stress of monthly billing!

>>> Download my newest Personal Training Studio Invoice

Here’s the big thing on EFT:

You must have it!

Even if clients pay by check they should know that every month on the same date (regardless of how many sessions they’ve used) they need to pay for the next set of sessions.

We allow our clients to pay in full (aren’t we nice!) or they can break up our 12 week programs over 3 monthly payments (paid equally on the same date it is inputted every month).

Although most merchant accounts charge 2-4% it’s still easier in the long run to automatically debit people than to have to chase 100+ people down for checks each month. Plus, once we have the card on file it makes the decision of resigning even easier – and that’s exactly what you want.

If they have to go home get their check book and then have tons of time to think about paying out more money and talking themselves out of re-upping then things can get hairy…

This form gets filed in a manilla folder with the client’s name on it for easy access and future billing.

Simple. Easy. Just the way I like it…


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  • Robin Mungall

    How do you handle make up sessions for when say a client goes on a holiday? (I have a 36hour cancellation policy but this question applies to outside of that) Currently I do make up sessions at the end of each 3 months. I just put their account on hold up to 30days until all seasons are caught up.

    • Hi Robin,

      Since my EFt model is to charge someone upfront for 1 12 week package, or break up that 12 week package over 3 months, i don’t have that issue.

      I simply charge a client evenly over 3 months on the same day each month.

      Then after that 3rd charge, I do not charge them again – until they signup for a new package.

      This allows them to catch up on any unused sessions thatweren’t completed over the 12 weeks… keep in mind that we do allow our packages to be used over 100 days (that’s the expiration.

      Hopefully this makes sense!

  • Curt Ligot

    “I would also switch them to a 12 month contract with a 30-day cancelation policy after 90 days of commitment. So essentially, it’s a 90-day program (3 months) they’re committing to and then they just move to month to month. ”

    So instead of the 8 week promo just offer :

    3 month programs ($299 per month)

    Then move them to a 12 month contract with a 30 day cancelation policy?

    Just want to be clear.


    • Hi Curt,

      That’s would I would do since people don’t seem to purchasing the 12 month option and I’m assuming it is a combination of feeling locked in as well as the price…

      This will be a great test for new incoming clients.

  • Curt Ligot

    First off…CONGRATS ON THE BABY 🙂

    Really interesting. As usually I have a long winded multi part question.

    1) Do you find this more effective than the usual Month to Month or Annual Contract Options?

    2) We are do very well on selling discounted front end offers. At the end of those programs we do get a lot of sticker shock on our regular prices.


    $540 8 weeks (16 sessions)
    $30 per session

    Regular Prices

    Month to Month : $387 per month ($45 per session)

    12 Month Contract: $301 per month ($35 per session)

    **We do small group training of up to 6 people**

    Because of the sticker shock we have a pretty poor retention rate (people staying on after the 8 week promo).

    We only have about 20% stay on for the month to month or annual contracts.

    Would love your advice on this.


    • Thanks Curt!

      This is my 2nd child and this time around we got a sleeper, so we’re quite happy at this moment ; )

      As for your questions, you NEED to bring up that 20%.

      The business is not sustainable when you lose 8 out of 10 people… that means you need to constantly replenish 80% of your clientele on a monthly/bi-monthly basis.

      My recommendations is to get the 12 month contract to $296 or $299 – psychologically this is so much different than $301 and $2-5/month is not going to make a difference when you’re retaining more people.

      I would also switch them to a 12 month contract with a 30-day cancelation policy after 90 days of commitment. So essentially, it’s a 90-day program (3 months) they’re committing to and then they just move to month to month.

      This guarantees they’ll stay for at least a quarter of the year and then you can keep working on retention strategies.

      See if you can also get a once per week small group offer at $196 per month. I’m not sure if it’s feasible in your scheduling, but then you can always downsell from the $296… and of course, you can create a VIP for $499 a month which allows for unlimited sessions, etc. This way the $296 that you’re trying to lead them to buy is the one in the middle and looks like the best offer for their money.

      Get to work!

      Hope this helps ; )

  • Kris Stokes

    Do you have any type of cancellation fee for people who sign up but change their mind afterwards? Or how do you handle that situation? About 97-98% of my signups stay with me but every now and then you get that one that wasn’t quite ready to commit when they made the decision. I just never know how to handle that situation since they do sign a contract for the 12 weeks.

    • Hi Kris,

      Like you said it doesn’t happen often, but if someone just doesnt want to train anymore we cancel their 2nd and 3rd installment payment.

      They still do pay for and have to use those first 4+ sessions. We also let them know we reserved those times and it does say on their contract their are no refunds… however, we do want to make you happy, so we’re willing to cancel the last 2 payments…

      After all, they’re just going to complain to their bank or credit card company anyways, so you might as well cancel those payments.

  • Adam Rees

    How do you structure your prices to encourage the type of payment?

    For instance, the person reluctant to using credit cards anywhere, or the person that feels you have to much power on their $?

    Also, what about the person that only does a set number of workouts/month instead of a monthly payment? Or do you just say “that’s not how you pay for your cable bill, it comes whether you used the tv or not.”?

    • HI Adam,

      We just make it apart of how we do business. You simply can’t train with us if you aren’t going to do a 12 week package. We’ll sell you an individual session, but we can’t reserve time for them. (please see my separate post on how I sell 12 week packages using the “time slot” sell).

      Also, we give everyone 100 days to use the package so essentially they have 1 week off per month. Lastly, we make pricing easy – if someone trains once per week they sign up for 12 sessions, and if they train 2x a week they sign up for 24 sessions (billed at 8 per month), etc.

      This makes everything very easy and the resign is simple every 3 months (or when they finish the package), since we just ask them if they’d like to bill the same card we have on file and if they’d like to keep their same time slots.

      It works better than anything I’ve ever used or been apart of!

  • Adam Rees

    Now this is what I’ve been looking for.

    Every time I tried writing one up it ended up looking like crap.

    Thanks man.

    • No problem and put it to good use!

  • David McIlhenney

    thanks. that does help
    Ill be looking forward to the update.


  • David McIlhenney

    How do you charge for another month if they did not use up all of their session from the previous month. My clients are used to paying when their sessions are up. If you owe them say 4 sessions from the previous month and then charge them for another full month, how do they ever get those sessions back? I guess what I’m asking for is a more detailed account of you billing and pricing.

    thank you
    David McIlhenney

    • Hi David,

      I will write up a more detialed account, but for now what I do is bill every month for 3 months. Then when they finish the 12, 24, or 36 sessions they paid for we will start another 3 month billing cycle.

      Clients also know that there is a 100 day expiration date on all packages.

      Hope that helps!

      P.S. There are a few rare occasions where a client finishes a package sooner than expected and we just let them know that they will see 2 charges that last month (1 for 3rd payment pf the old package and then the 1st in the new series)

  • Hi Daniel, this is the one I use for invoices and client agreement. It keeps things simple and allows me to have just one sheet to keep on file with the rebill information.

    I then lock all invoices in a file cabinet in my office.

  • Daniel Remon

    The attachment is a client payment agreement. Do you have an excel invoice form like the one shown in the picture above on this page.

    Thanks Stephen.


  • Matt Brady

    Hi Steve,
    Can you pls check the attachment, this seems to be billing info, not your invoice layout. I am keen to see how you arange your invoices as I am setting up our at the moment.
    Thanks, Felicity (Hills Fitness Australia)

  • PayPal, Google checkout, Yahoo, and a few others will work, but if you want to add more cart customization and integrate it with other business accounts you may eventually want to upgrade to another merchant service provider. It’s a personal choice, but the merchant account I listed works great for me… and they charge me a fair price compared to everyone else I researched.

  • David Hoffmaster

    Paypal does offer recurring payments. Look under merchant services, add buttons, subscriptions.

    You can do just about any interval – weekly, monthly, annually. The merchant accounts I have looked at look like such a rip off! I may eventually Have to get one, but paypal works fine most of the time.

  • Hi Joel,

    Please see the post under “merchant accounts” in the “resources” category:


  • Joel Gottehrer

    Merry Christmas,
    Question: Which EFT merchant do you use or do you find to be easiest, safest, cheapest?
    and is the EFT automatically billed every month or do you enter each client manually every month on that specific date ? cause I am looking at paypal and it doesnt seem like they make it recurring monthly payments.

    thanks in advance