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This has to be one of the most popular and coolest forms I use. I developed it about 3 years ago and my clients absolutely LOVE IT! They show it to their friends, family, and co-workers and it serves as a fantastic motivator and client retention tool. Download it and start using it with your clients today!

>>> Download the Progress Report I Use in My Studio

>>> Download Excel Spreadsheet

This is what gets my clients to become “lifers” at my studio.

Once they see the concrete examples of how we got them results over the last 6 weeks they are amazed. Plus, they show all their friends and family members… and then guess who wants to come train with us?!

Use this sheet every 6 weeks and your clients will get to see their starting stats as well as each progressive 6 week period.

Unbelievable stuff!

You can even put a GOLD STAR sticker on it like when they were in school so that they can hang it on their refridgerator at home (don’t think they won’t show it off!)…

Highly recommend that you use this one.


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