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This coaching video lets you peak inside one of the very first things I have my private coaching clients do when they begin working with me. It is one of the reasons why my private clients are some of the MOST successful fitness professionals in the business. After watching this video you will know what you need to do in order to dramatically increase your income while decreasing your hours worked. The video teaches you how to properly schedule sessions, ruthlessly manage your time, and even how to strategize on which types of sessions yield the greatest return. In my opinion this is truly a CAN’T MISS VIDEO that will change the way you look at your fitness business forever.

Before I get to the video I have one favor to ask you.

Typically I like to keep my private coaching clients tips “private” and not let you peak into their affairs, but this one task I have every coaching client do literally revolutionizes how they look at their business. Once you have the numbers directly in front of you there is no longer any disputing how your business is running on a day to day basis.

So please do me one BIG favor: In exchange for me sharing one of my coaching client videos I ask you to follow along with the video and actually complete this task yourself.

Do it honestly and don’t write in clients who are only with you every once in a while or that you “expect” will be meeting with you in the future. Look at your business for what it is right now. You can then project future clients and schedule times on another sheet.

Watch the video now for the full strategy in detail. This is definitely one of those videos I feel confident recommending you watch the whole thing (multiple times even), so that you don’t miss any of the details (like how I price sessions, decide on session offerings, etc.).

I really do want you to be ultra successful and I hope by shooting this video you add another 100K to your fitness business within the next 12 months.

Now enjoy video!

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have and I hope this video helps you rework your business in a way that allows you to grow naturally and with no stress!

>>> Download the Excel Spreadsheet here (as seen in the video)


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  • Hi everyone,

    By popular request: Since I got quite a few requests for the sample excel spreadsheet as seen in the video I decided to add it to the post. I hope you put it to good use and definitely email me or post your success story to the Smart Studio Systems Member area when you boost your monthly income using the strategies talked about in the video!

  • Hans Hageman

    Great content! Where do I find the spreadsheet for the week?

    • Hi Hans,

      I didn’t create the spreadsheet since everyone’s session times vary widely. However, it is super simple to create. Here’s how:

      Create 2 columns.

      The left hand column will be the times you’re working (I break them up in 45 minute blocks because I do 45 minute sessions. However, if you do 30 and 60-minute sessions you should break yours up into 30-minute blocks. You can then cross off 2 30-minute blocks for 60-minute sessions

      Then fill in all the sessions you’re currently doing

      After that highlight all the areas where you’re not making the amount of money per hour that you’d like to be.

      The fun part is that once you start making more money per hour and reach your goal you’ll find that your spreadsheet looks a lot different (and so does your bank account!).

      Hope that helps!

  • Jeremie Guarderas

    Hey Steve,

    Awesome post!

    I may have missed it but did you post a “step-by-step” process when you hire a new trainer?



  • Terry Ford

    Great info Coach – thank you.

  • Remember, if you’re not great at using Microsoft Excel you can always just write out your schedule on the “Weekly Schedule” sheet you typically write your sessions down on. Just get it done!