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This is where it begins. If you get this one item right it will make your new client initial consultations a walk in the park. You feel at ease and in turn they’ll feel right at home in your studio. The great thing is that I know every fitness pro at my studio is taking each new client through our initial consult the very same way and as a result we sign up over 97% of the prospective clients who walk through our studio door. I’m also going to show you a video of me putting the packet together and how to organize everything for maximum effectiveness. This is an absolute must have!

And I’m going to show you how to do it for cheap…

Okay, first things first!

What we’re trying to create with our welcome packet and the initial visit of a potential client to our studio is an EXPERIENCE.

My team and I go out of our way to welcome them to our studio, offer them a complimentary water or green tea, and then show them around our facility (all 500 ft of our fitness floor ; )

Then we sit down with them in the office for their fitness consultation.

This is where we have the “welcome packet” (folder), and their “goodies” on the desk so that they can see if everything that is waiting for them (pretty cool, right?)

After the consultation we offer them our professional recommendations on getting started and then let them know that if they fill out their invoice today we can reserve a time for them going forward and they will get to take home all the printouts, coffee mug, towel, and BPA free water bottle (sometimes we even give out t-shirts!). Basically, whatever holiday gifts I order for all the studio clients I just buy them in bulk and use the leftovers for my welcome packet… simple right?

Clients can’t wait to get the full welcome packet because they’ve been staring at it for the last 45 minutes!

It’s really easy to put together and I just keep adding to it because of the “experience” that is perceived by each new client… we’re literally WELCOMING them into our studio family/community and when it comes right down to it that’s what people want.

People want to BELONG to a club, community, or organization!

Why do you think we have clients training with us for years? It’s not that they can’t do it on their own now, or that they still need to get into better shape… it’s because of our relationships and the bond we’ve created.

Ideally, you want to start this relationship off on a caring and friendly note and the easiest way to do that is by GIVING.

That’s why I created this $7-10 welcome packet!

It generates good will and evokes the law of reciprocity…

Basically, I know that if I treat a new client like i’d want to be treated I can expect to get referrals and create a long-lasting relationship with them since I gained their trust.

AND, it’s genuine.

I really do want my clients to succeed! I care deeply about them and I don’t just want to take their money… for me, money is an after thought.

Yes, some people will take advantage of me, but I believe that will come back to bite them – not me. Sure, I’ll lose a few dollars from unethical people stealing my ideas, work, or time, but in the long run I need to stay focused on moving forward and looking at the big picture. My goal is to help as many people as possible and I can’t do that by worrying about the few in the bunch that are negative.

That’s why you need to treat every person who enters your studio like the only person in the world for that 45-60 minute session you have with them. If you do that, and send them on their way with an excited “I can’t wait to get started!” AND give them a big wlecome packet to take with them you’ll never have to worry about gaining new clients…

If someone truly listened to you for a full hour and then gave you a great big package to take home, don’t you think you’d tell pretty much every person you know about this exceptional experience?

You would… and the cycle would repeat itself.

Alright, let’s get to the video (please press play and then pause it while it loads), but before I do just think about what I said about creating an EXPERIENCE. This will lead to a lifetime of happy clients and high retention rates!

Enjoy the video and feel free to add in your own forms or studio goodies to make your own welcome packet!


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  • Chris Jarvis

    Hey Stephen,

    I just started using the new client welcome packet today, and both of my consultations signed up for 12 week programs to start with my new trainer next week :-). Easiest ‘sales process’ ever. I’ve been looking for an effective way to show the difference between what my 1-1 clients get as opposed to my boot camp clients, and this simple folder really does the trick.

    So with this tip alone, I’ve paid for my S3 membership well more than 3 times over already. Thanks!

    Oh, and I added to your referral gift coupons a little bit. I made one of the coupons redeemable for a suspension trainer (which costs me only $30), and everyone really wants to bring someone in so that they can get one. Great stuff.

    • Chris, you are a man amongst boys!

      That is what I am talking about – you’ve been a members for at most 14 days and have already implemented a piece of Smart Studio Systems and are growing your business!

      I’m proud of you for taking action…

  • Lonnie Swenson

    On your home page you mention there is a doctor referral form. I don’t see that anywhere in the toolbox section. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hi Lonnie,

      Please just type in “doctor referral” or “referral form” into the search box and you will find the post…

      Have a great day!

  • You can find these forms under the Business Tool Box category:

  • Robert Selders

    Great info Stephen…thanks! Just so I’m clear on how you’re using this, you’re giving this packet to people who are new clients that have already signed up and paid for your services right? I’m asking because you mention that they keep what’s on the left side of the folder “if” they sign up for a package that day.

    You said your close rate is high, so if this is done prior to them actually signing up, are you assuming the sale in having them complete all the forms and then handling any objections if they arise at any point during this meeting?

    Based on what you’ve shown, in the “unlikely” event that they they choose not to sign up at that moment, what do you give them to walk away with? Thanks in advance for your response…

    • Hi Robert,

      We take each new potential client through all the forms and assessments (this is our soft sell) and then present them with our professional recommendations at the end.

      If they don’t sign up that day the new client does not walk out with any of the materials or new client gifts…

      We never give out our materials until a client signs the invoice – so if they wait to pay until their first session then they get the whole welcome packet then.

      This gets more people to commit that day and not think themselves out of it over the week before their first scheduled session (since if they sign up that day we book out their sessions, reserve their time, and give them the whole start up packet to look over before their 1st session).

  • Tina Davis

    I did a small welcome pack with just a 3 letters and 2 referrals certificates to 2 new clients in Nov. In return I got 4 new clients in DEC total of $1100. I only spent less than $1.

  • Printouts:

    Right hand pocket of folder:
    Goal setting sheet with workout history
    BMI and body comp sheet
    Assessment and nutrition sheet
    Workout Sheet
    Progress Report
    Liability Waiver

    Left hand pocket:
    Your studio articles or printouts
    Nutritional Supplement
    Referral Coupon Sheet
    Anything else you provide for nutrition, etc

    You can find all these forms under the respective posts in the Business Tool Box category

    • Matt Pack

      You can find all these forms under the respective posts in the Business Tool Box category

      Sorry, I can’t seem to find the handouts. I’ve checked in the Business Tool Box (where I’m at now) and nothing, Am I tired or something?

  • Joel Gottehrer

    Can you please list all the printouts you include in the welcome packet so i can find them easiely thanks in advance

  • You can find all the forms under the Business Tool Box category.

  • Hi everyone,

    I just shot the video and once it’s been edited, uploaded, and added to my server I will attach it ASAP!

    Look for it in the next week or so – it’s coming!

  • Frank Welling

    This one will be huge for me! Looking forward to this one

  • James Gouldin

    This is the big one for me….
    Look forward to see it Stephen

  • Andrew Voris

    Can’t wait for this one!

  • Jeff Paluseo

    I was just wondering if you have put the video up for the welcome packet, I am very interested in seeing what you do. I also look forward to the rest of the content that you will be putting up here, I plan on implementing alot of it.
    Jeff Paluseo

    • Just trying to get all the link attachments to you this week and then all the videos will be coming over the next week or two. Definitely in time for the New Year!

  • Joel Gottehrer

    Dont see a video but I guess we will see it Monday. I would love to see it