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I’m going to give you the exact Liability Waiver I have all my new client’s sign. You can copy the entire document and insert your company’s name where mine is. I’ll even show you how I go about having each new client sign it so as not to seem like they’ll ever have to worry about it… It’s a classic one-liner that works every time! (Plus, most insurance companies require one of these.)

DICLAIMER: I would always have your attorney look over all your legal forms. Neither Ryan, not I, are lawyers and the laws in your state may vary from ours. This form may work perfectly fine, or you may need to tweak it a little…

>>> Download the Studio Liability Waiver

Also, I present this form AFTER they have already filled out their payment invoice and they are starting their 1st workout session.

Here’s the line I say after I present them with our liability form.

“Our studio insurance company requires all clients to sign this general liability form, so if you could sign you life away before we get started today that ouwld be great!”

You boviously need to be light-hearted when saying this and give a little laugh at the end – if you don’t you’ll come off pretty scary.

Use whatever method works for you, but just make sure everyone signs one…


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  • James Herrick


    Do you also have them fill out a medical disclosure form? If so, what types of things do you ask about on that form?

    • Hi James,

      I used to have health clubs that I consulted for do that for “at risk clients,” but I no longer do it. I wanted to get clients started ASAP while they’re motivated to make a change in their life.

      As of right now, I have clients fill out the PARQ (which is a waiver in itself) and then the liability waiver. My insurance company said this was enough as well.

      Plus, any severely obese or injured clients has notes from their doctor and we also work hand in hand with their physicians as well if needed.

      Hope that helps-

  • Jeanine Jordan

    I just have to say when my clients ask about what they’re signing I tell them that if they drop dead during the exercises it’s okay with them because they understand the risks of exercise. LOL