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At some point when you grow your business you’re going to need to hire a personal assistant. When you’re being paid at least $50/hr you should be outsroucing any project that doesn’t pay you at least that amount per hour. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult at first to figure out what to outsource… That’s why I’m giving you my personal assistant’s task sheet! Click the link below to see what “to-do” items I outsource every week ->

So here’s what I do:

The first thing I do when I hire a new “PA” is train them on the taks they’re going to be doing every time they come in. This takes about 30 minutes because the tasks are very simple and straight forward. Plus, I create a cheat sheet they can review (Like the Craig’s List outsourcing sheet I have in another post).

After that I show them the “to-do” task sheet and review each item before the day starts. This takes about 3-5 minutes.

If I’m not in when they get there, my PA knows exactly what to start on since many of the items are EXACTLY the same each week. For instance, they post the same CL ads, they make up new client welcome folders, they input new client email addresses, they file my paperwork, they order office supplies…

Then I also have NEW items which they may have never seem before. I will call them and explain if I am out of the office, or I will sit down with them and explain what I am looking for and how to complete that task.

2 things to note:

1. If an item is brand new and will not be a recurring “to-do” item AND it takes less than 5 minutes to do, I would just do it yourself. By the time you finished explaining the task to your PA it would already be done anyway…

2. Do not be overly critical of your PA. They are working for a low wage and doing the best they can with the information they have been given. Whenever my PA does something incorrectly it’s because I wasn’t specific enough. YOU MUST BE SUPER SPECIFIC AND EXACT IN WHAT YOU ASK THEM TO DO. You can’t expect them to “just know” what you want… although that would be nice!

Okay, so now that we got thsat out of the way here are the tasks my PA takes care of on Monday’s and Friday’s for me:

>>> Download my Personal Assistant Task Sheet


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  • Ruston Webb

    I am interviewing Personal Assistants this week and was wondering if I could hire a part time PA as an independent contractor or if that is too far out of a 1099 category?

    • Hi Ruston,

      It’s a good question and you may be able to get away with not setting them up as an employee if you pay them less than a certain amount per year (check with your accountant on this). I do this when I hire a handyman, painter, etc. for the studio. I think the only other way would be if they actually owned their own company and you outsourced your work to “their company.”

      This also works well if they actually never come into your office since you can pay them through as a contractor or service.

      When in doubt just email your accountant or get them on the phone for 5 minutes to confirm…

  • Ruston Webb

    Hey Stephen!

    Do you have a CL Ad for a Personal Assistant? I looked and for some reason couldn’t find on in the posts.


  • Heather Hall

    Hi! I just signed up and am having a hard time finding the New Client Welcome packet post. Does that also include forms like the waiver, health history par-q, etc?

    • Hi Heather – welcome aboard!

      The easiest way to find everything you’re looking for is by trying different search terms by keywords in the “search box” at the top of the right hand column.

      For example, type in “new client folder” when you’re looking for that key word phrase.

      It will take you to a bunch of posts on that topic. Plus, don’t forget to look for the text labeled “previous posts or older entries” at the bottom of each category page.

      Use this link to for new client folder information and then click the link in one of the comments for PARQs, etc:

      Take your time and enjoy the site – there’s more to come!

  • Hi Naresh,

    I answered this on the post on the New Client Welcome packet.

  • Naresh Sehgal

    Do you have what goes into your new client welcome packet to share with us

  • I use CraigsList and pay $8-10.

    I will also do a seperate post on this in the future!

  • Justin Rovtar

    Where do you go about finding a PA? How much should you expect to pay them?