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I’ve gotten a lot of requests to share with you some of the sample emails that I send to my training team, so in this S3 Member’s only post I will share with you an email that I sent out last Fall (good timing!). This email exemplifies my writing style and how you should format an email to your own team for easy reading and future review. I’m a fan of outlining and that’s why you’ll see all 6 of my main points numbered along with the starred items to be discussed at our next meeting. Enjoy the post and I hope it helps give you a few ideas for when you email your training team.

In this post I decided to keep my CPTs names in it and just copy and paste the exact email I sent to them intact.

If you’re wondering why I still have an email from last year, it’s because I created a separate folder in my Outlook email called “Studio Memos.”

This folder is dedicated to any emails I send that I may need to refer to in the future if an issue arises and a CPT isn’t living up to their end of the bargain. If that ends up being the case I can just pull up the email I sent and show them that what I asked was clearly stated in a previous email.

By the way, this situation rarely, if ever, presents itself, but nonetheless it’s nice to be prepared.

Okay, back on track…

I don’t send these emails for fear of an issue arising, I send them as a means of communication and to update my team. Typically, my team can expect one email a week with updates.

Very rarely will I send 2 since we always hold our Monday Meetings (please see separate member post on how to hold these) that cover the topics I want to discuss for the week. Also, since I’m in and out of the studio all day I have the opportunity to actually speak with them in person… which is always better (unless you do need an email for a paper trail).

Now onto the typical emails I send (which resembles pretty much every other email I send):
Hi everyone!

Important Updates Starting Next Week:
1. New business cards are in! They look sweet (even if they were a little miss-cut on the backs) and please hand them out to everyone you know and leave 3-5 of them at strategic places in the city (ATMs and other high traffic areas). You can also give them to new clients with your cell number and allow them to give them out to people they think you may be of service to.
2. Please update the rack card sheet on the wall in the office
3. Please update 560 Club sheet weekly
4. Julia and Julian confirm your new studio email addresses
5. Continue asking clients for success stories (we should be getting at least 1 a month between all of us!!!)
6. Please reserve 3 hours per week (ongoing) every other week to put our new doorhangers around the neighborhood. I will also need you to divide up the South End streets among yourselves (I have the map). Josh will not be included since he is completely booked and all new clients will go to the everyone else.
* I will be sending you sample success story emails to send to your clients if you don’t feel comfortable asking (although you shouldn’t be uncomfortable since it shows them how proud you of their accomplishments).
* Monday’s meeting will cover a lot of topics and we’ll also talk about our upcoming body transformation contest and referral contest starting in just a week or two!
* Lastly, I will be doing 2 or 3 million things at once over the next few months so please follow up with me on any email or question I send you – I may not remember and I’d rather be “over-updated” than not…
Thanks for all your help and let the Fall Season begin!

I hope you enjoyed seeing one of my sample emails and that it inspires you to keep in better contact with your studio, in-home, corporate, or bootcamp trainers!


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