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I often get asked how I am able to keep a good camaraderie among our team and why I don’t do very much “managing.” To be honest if I had to be managing all the time I don’t think I would be well suited for the job since I’m not the management type. I view myself as one of the team members and it’s probably another reason why my studio is a fun place to work… and why I have very little turnover with CPTs. However, this “hands-off” approach doesn’t happen by itself. I have a very specific set of systems in place to keep things running tightly. One of those key systems is my weekly meetings and the way I go about them. Here’s the sheet I use and how I organize the team meeting ->

I hold my weekly meetings every week at exactly 9:00am.

All the CPTs who work at my studio know that they must reserve 9:00-9:15am every Monday for our weekly meeting. That means if they have a client who wants to to train at that time they must reschedule them.

There are no exceptions.

Sure, we all want to be making money and working with clients, but you have to just pick a time and stick to it. There will never be the “perfect time” to meet.

I would just recommend picking an “off-peak” hour where you can stay consistent each week.

I also make the meeting mandatory – even if you don’t have clients that morning at the studio. This means that even one of my CPTs who trains In-Home and Studio clients must be at the meeting as well. (All other non-studio in-home only CPTs on my team do not attend this meeting – I check in with them by email and a weekly phone call).

Also, this is a general group meeting. I discuss private topics and particular trainer/client issues separately in my office.

Additionally, when I hire a new CPT I do weekly check-in meetings every week that take about 10 minutes to see how their marketing, client sessions, etc. is going.

I don’t think I hold many meetings that take more than 10 minutes. (I always hated meetings for the sake of holding meetings so I practice what I preach and get and get out)

Every once in awhile I will cancel a Monday meeting (about 4-6x a year) if I am away or it is a Holiday weekend so that if the CPTs are traveling they don’t have to rush back and they can sleep in.

I always start my weekly Monday meeting with a hello and how was your weekend… I am not in on Saturday and Sunday so I like to see how their weekends were and if they did anything new and exciting (this takes all of 30 seconds).

Next, I move directly into my 10 TOPICS I cover every Monday.

Here they are in the order that I go through them with my team:

“Weekly Meeting Topics Agenda”
1. Last Week’s Review

 In this part of the meeting I review what transpired last week at the studio (always start with highlights and then bring up anything you’d like to see changed)

2. Last Week’s Leads & Follow Ups

 I ask each CPT by name if they followed up with “so and so.” I want to know that they followed my formula for following up with leads (email-phone-email-phone-email for 5 days straight).

3. Complimentary Sessions Set Up for this Week + Times to Reserve Office

 I ask who has comps set up for this week and at what times do we need everyone out of the CPTs office so that they can have privacy with their new client.

4. Schedule Openings for New Comps this Week

I ask all the CPTs to send me their updated schedule openings to fill new clients into when I get leads. Plus, I advise them to update their dry erase board schedules in the office.

5. New Comps to Give Out & Follow Up with

I hand out any new leads I got over the weekend and see who has times to fit them in their schedule. I reiterate how we will follow up with each lead and what that lead may need from us (to be pushed, motivation, accountability, or just someone to lean on for support).

6. What’s New this Week at the Studio

 I talk about marketing initiatives, event planning, scheduling, etc.

7. Any New Success Stories Coming?

 I ask how the CPTs clients are progressing and who we can look forward to seeing on our wall of fame. If we are holding a contest I ask for more specific details of results.

8. Upcoming Projects, Contests & Ideas on the Horizon

 I get everyone excited about new equipment coming, contests being held, events being planned, etc.

9. Any Issues to be Resolved?

 I follow up any any studio issues that we’ve successfully resolved or are figuring out (water delivery, emptying trash barrels when full, etc.)

10. Any Questions or Comments?

I ask my team if they have any questions or concerns I can address.

I then end the meeting and thank them for their time.

>>> Download the Weekly Meeting Topics Agenda

(you can use this worksheet to take notes on throughout the week and then bring it to your meeting to address you team – that’s what I do and it’s been working great now for many years…)

This simple 10 step process along with the “thanking/praising – critiquing – thanking/praising” method keeps the meeting fun. It also gets us together as a team for 10-15 minutes per week – even if it is only once a week that we can all come together (this is actually the MAIN reason I hold the meetings… but don’t tell anyone ; )

I hope you enjoyed the post and now have a better idea of how to take 10-15 minutes at the beginning of each week to take care of all your studio agendas and then be done for the week (until next Monday!)

Take care and let me know if you have any questions!


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  • Just as a side note, since our studio is small (and so are our offices) we have our team meetings right on the fitness floor. I typically drag my office chair out and all the CPTs sit on stability balls and benches in front of me… we keep it informal, but often times I ask the CPTs to bring their notebooks if I will be giving them assignments, leads, etc.

    Feel free to ask me any other questions about team meetings right here in the comment section!