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Everyone always talks about getting more and more clients, but the real way to become successful in the personal training business is to RETAIN clients… That’s the true secret. I also think it’s one of the ways we have been able to become the “Most Profitable Studio in the World,” completing over 760 sessions a month in 500 ft of fitness floor. One of the ways we are able to retain clients is though building a community and making members/clients feel like they are apart of something special. This year we are holding a 2010 SCS Member of the Year Contest for a few different reasons. Check out the full post and materials inside:

I’m actually pretty pumped up about this post because it’s the start in a series of future posts where I plan to give you even more step-by-step “How-to” Smart Studio Systems for your personal training business.

What we’re putting up this year is a 2010 SCS Member of the Year Contest poster.

(SCS stands for Stephen Cabral Studio)

The contest is a fun way for our clients to showcase the results they’ve gotten over the past year. It could be body transformation results, living a healthier life, overcoming illness, or any other success story they feel proud enough to share. Plus, this little contest will further enhance our “Wall of Fame” that showcases all of our success stories outside of our studio door (that’s a nice little fringe benefit that will only attract more clients).

(See my previous post on getting Success Stories for more information on how to get them)

This member of the year contest is actually easy to implement and you can use it for bootcamps, corporate clients, or even in-home training businesses (by posting the results on your website). And since I’ve already created the poster in iWork using “Pages” you get to just tweak the copy and images as needed (I’ve attached the Word document & PDF for your use below).

I really am trying to make the client getting and retaining process as painless (and easy!) as possible so whenever you have an idea for how I can help you to do that please send it along!

Okay, so now let’s get into the contest details:

Step 1:

Open the document and change the text and images as needed.

(You must also decide on prizes. I decided to give away an iPad $499, a 60-minute massage $75, and a month’s supply of nutritional supplements which cost me about $40 but have a value of around $75. You could make your prizes more or less extravagant – just make them interesting enough to your clients to make them want to participate. The success stories, community building, and retention/reinforcement you get from this contest will be worth it!)

Step 2:

Hang the poster at your studio entrance, above your water cooler, and in one other location (lockers, changing room, etc). Try to post it in early October or November to give everyone enough time to make some last minute improvements that they can use to enhance their chances of winning.

Step 3:

Email your members/clients letting them know about the contest and how they can enter. State the contest rules, prizes, and deadline for entering. Keep it fun!

Step 4:

Have your CPTs (and yourself) take client progress reports, photos, and gather their success stories by the 1st week of January.

Step 5:

Have your entire team lay all the success stories on the floor and have everyone on your CPT team vote. Whichever client gets the lowest number wins! (We use sticky post-it notes to tally the numbers)

Step 6:

Create the success stories (see previous post with template) and hang them up on your wall (you now have tons of new success stories!) with a special tag for the “2010 Member of the Year.”

Step 7:

Send out an email announcing the winners of the top 3 prizes and thank everyone for participating and for being apart of your community.

Step 8:

Hand out prizes to winners and congratulate them once again on their amazing success story.

(You can and should repeat this process every October/November)

Here are the templates that I created for you (I use the same ones in my studio):

>>> PDF Document Member of the Year Contest Template

>>> Word Document Member of the Year Contest Template

I hope you enjoyed the post and get to work on using this in your personal training business this week!


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