How I Added 25 PAYING Clients and an Extra $36,960 Last Month

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Last month I really wanted to help one of my CPTs build up his client base to do a consistent 35 – 40 sessions per week. I also wanted to build up our new small group personal training sessions and increase our client base for those specialty sessions. Here’s how I was able to accomplish both of those goals and exceed my expectations:

Although January is usually a HUGE month for health clubs it is not typically one of our studio’s best months.

Usually most weight loss enthusiasts join a gym or try it on their own in the month of January since they’re feeling high off their current New Year’s expectations…

When 90% of those people fall off the wagon in a month or two we see our best months in new client sign-ups… typically the end of March through May. (These people realize that the summer is nearing and want to get in shape fast – and since their 1st attempt in the New Year failed they call us to make it happen!)

Okay, so here’s how we blew things up in January:

1. I had doorhangers placed on over 2,000 homes within our target neighborhoods ($179 cost)
2. I doubled my Google Adwords campaign for the month ($929 cost)
3. I placed rack card holders in 10 more locations – 43 total ($35)
4. Gave one 90 minute community weight loss seminar ($10 for materials)
5. Every day I put out my A Frame with new rack cards (virtually no cost)

I decided not to do any local newspaper ads this month since most people were away until the 2nd week of January…

I also did a follow up with local residents by putting 4×6 postcards on cars in our target neighborhoods, but that was in the 1st week of February.

The last thing I did was talk with local businesses and our current clients about recommending our services to any friends, family, or coworkers if you hear them mention they are interested in getting in shape and following through on their commitments.

And of course, we got lots of free web traffic by being ranked #1 – 4 for our top keywords…

All in all, I feel it was a normal month of marketing with the exception of our Google Adwords campaign, yet it yielded excellent results through targeting people on multiple fronts.

Here’s what our numbers looked like for the month:

17 new 1-on-1 clients (in-home, studio, corporate) added with an average transaction of $1,896 – $632/month

8 new small group training clients added with an average transaction of $591 – $197/month



($1,153 in marketing to get $36,960 in new client package sign-ups)

I’m happy. My CPTs are happy. My new clients are happy… it was a great month!

Plus, that almost 37K is on top of what we were currently doing and represents about another 12K per month added to our gross revenue.

Not bad, for just matching the right message with the right market at the right time.

That’s really what it’s all about…

Once you find your target audience you figure out what makes them tick, what they desire, what they’re willing to pay for, and how you can entice them to try out your services with a complimentary “X”.

The other great thing is that we know the life-time value of our clients so this extra 37K is just the start to our new client’s commitment to their goals and our studio.

I hope getting to see an inside look at my last month’s numbers gave you some insights and inspiration on how you can quickly skyrocket your business through proper marketing and follow up!

Here’s to your best year yet!


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  • Jason Serapiglia Jason Serapiglia

    Hey Steve,

    Do you target specific community groups when giving your weight loss seminars? Also, where do you hold the seminars? Very interested in making public speaking a part of my marketing campaign and very open to any tips or suggestions you may have.

    Thanks in advance!


    • Hi Jason,

      This is how I originally did public speaking and sold out small group training at almost $300/hr.

      I will write up an additional post for you on public speaking secrets as well on how I use and other venues to target my audiences.

      Talk with you soon!

    • Jason Serapiglia Jason Serapiglia

      Thank you, Steve! Unbelievably helpful!!

    • Jason Serapiglia Jason Serapiglia

      Thank you, Steve! Unbelievably helpful!!

  • Jennifer Scherlizin

    Did you track the results to see how many responded from each marketing venue? That would be helpful information, at least for me. I was also curious if you get a higher response rate on doorhangers than direct mail? My husband works at a mailhouse and he says particularly for residential mailing to expect a 1% response. And I’m a firm believer in repeated mailings to the same people. Most people will not respond off one letter from you. They need to see you a few times…just my two cents there. (:

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for your two cents and you are right on about needing to continue your marketing efforts and repeat the same locations in order to be effective.

      Although a good flyer will pull on its first shot, it will only work with the people who are ready to get started… and that’s why you need to always be marketing. In the beginning we did doorhangers, rackcards on cars, or mailings every 4-6 weeks.

      Also, 1% is actually really good if you can get that on a flyer or mailing – it’s more likely that you will get .25% which is fine when you are sending out 1,000-2,000 doorhangers or mailers (that’s 2-5 new paying clients for a few hundred dollars). Having said that we have pulled 1% (5-10 new clients) on our doorhangers when they were first put out in the neighborhood – now people have copied us and mosy everyone has seen our ads and the effectiveness goes down over time, but this isn’t a reason to stop!

      Keep in mind that if you stick with the marketing plan I’ve outlined you will be pretty much sold out of available client sessions by the time others begin to copy you or your ads have alreayd been seen… Plus, what we do now is create new ads and offers that people haven’t seen before whenever we need new clients.

      Lastly, we do track where all the leads are coming from, but it is often hard to tell which one ad got them to respond (unless it was an online ad). Most people have seen our aframe, my logo on my car, our rack cards in cafes, and then they see our doorhangers, etc… so which was was it? It’s hard to say for sure since we try to be everywhere!

      Hope that helps!

  • John Hall

    stephen is there a way I can see what your flyers look like and the door hangers? way to go my friend! its nice to see you doing soo well.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for the comments and I’ll definitely get you the new doorhanger we used!

      The rack cards are the same ones we’ve been using and they’re right here on the S3 website under offline marketing.

      I’m also using the same Google adwords campaigns that have been doing well and I’m testing a few new ones (I’ll add them to my best ones on that post if they do well!).

    • The Offline Marketing Piece is now up under “Offline Marketing”!

      Check it out!

    • #####

      Just an update that all of these materials are now on the Smart Studio Systems Member site under both the online and offline marketing tabs!