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Goal Setting and TrackingThis is without a doubt my favorite goal setting & tracking formula! It will force you to take a deeper look inside your business and definitely show you if you are growing each month and year. Plus, you’ll be able to forecast upcoming months and begin to notice trends in your business. Download the simple 1 page tracking form now and follow along with the “how-to” video on taking your fitness business to the next level!

Hi S3 Members!

I just want to give you a quick intro, since I explain everything in the video below.

Basically, I LOVE this new goal setting and tracking sheet I came up with.

For me, everything I use in my business must follow a simple system that should save me time and keep me in line… Essentially, I’ll sit around and daydream or read all day without a schedule in front of me and a goal to achieve.

This goal setting and tracking sheet is exactly what I needed in order to ensure I grow in 2014 and beyond. This is crucial since I’m just completing the build out of my 2nd location and I have a significant investment in the space.

That means, come March 1st it’s game time and I do plan on crushing it ; )

Check out the video below to see exactly what I’ll be using to make sure my client list keeps growing and my numbers keep climbing!

>>> Download the Goal Setting & Tracking Sheet Here


Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below and I hope you make this year your best year yet!


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  • Jason Zawodniak


    I had a couple questions regarding our monthly tracking method.

    As of right now we track:
    1) New leads and the source
    2) Scheduled consultations
    3) Who showed up for the consultation
    4) Who sign up

    First question, what is the appropriate percentage range for these areas. Obviously the higher the better but what range would you consider appropriate range for scheduled consultations, showed and the closing percentage.
    We’re doing a great job tracking but we’re not sure what range is acceptable and what range requires us to review the system/s.

    Seconds question, when tracking each category do you go off of the total new leads or the previous category. In other words, when I’m looking at the percentage of people who signed up this month, am I using the number from the “showed” category OR the total new leads that contacted us this month.

    This has been an ongoing debate with us since going of the showed category we might be look great but going off the total number of the new leads it might be closer to 30-40%. I was assuming we should go off the “showed” category and NOT the total number of leads.

    One more:)….We do not “prequalify” them over the phone nor do we show our prices on our website. This obviously brings in some individuals that are far from qualified, do you take this factor into consideration when reviewing these numbers.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Jason,

      I’m glad you’re tracking your stats!

      We look for 80% of our “call-ins/requests for consult” to be at 80+% (8 out of 10) for getting people into the actual complimentary consultation.

      Then, we look for 90+% (9 out of 10) of the people that come in to sign up for 1-3x a week training. We track this separately for our CPT close rate from those that just make the request – however, we track it all together when calculating out advertising cost per lead, since we did pay for the leads that never came in.

      We do prequalify all of our leads before they come in through our email and phone templates, because I simply don’t want to waste their time or ours on consults that wouldn’t be able to afford our services… Plus, it’s demoralizing for our CPTs if they only expect 50% or so of the people that show up, to sign up…

      Hopefully this makes sense!

  • Tony DAssisi

    Great sheet for us all Steve. Quick question. If you have consultations in your office and don’t want clients or prospects coming in for the first time and existing clients also not to see your goals how do you accomplish this?

    • Hi Tony,

      This goal sheet is placed out of view in our CPT office above our cubbies. No one is looking there during the consult.

      Also, one thing we just did after 7 years is actually take the “1,000 Club” off the top and just have everyone fill in the rest of the sheet.

      It sill works great and now there’s never any question as to what the sheet is!

  • Let’s use this page to keep and hold each other accountable!

    You already know my goal is to maintain 1,200+ sessions per month at my studio, Stephen Cabral Studio, and you’ve seen how I plan to grow Cabral Wellness Institute. By the end of the year, I should be over 2,000 total sessions (now that’s a big goal!!!)

    What are some of your goals?
    (They don’t have to be as insane as mine to be valid. We all started with zero sessions… I’ve just been in this game a little longer.)

    Your first goal should be to build yourself up and then hire and build up another team member. Repeat that process every 4-6 months and you have a $250,000+ fitness business in less than 2 years…

    You can do that!

    So, if you haven’t set your goals yet, start there. Plan and execute hiring your first team member once you get your marketing and systems in order to grow – that should only take 30 days, so don’t procrastinate…

    Together let’s make this our best year by far!