Don’t Lose Money Carelessly: Simple Session Record Tracker

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If you’re not keeping good track of your session records for group, bootcamp, semi-private, private sessions, etc then you could be short-changing yourself big-time. Even if you missed only 1-2 sessions a month between all your sessions you could be losing out on a hundred or more dollars! Use this simple session record tracking sheet to save time, never miss a session, and sleep easy…

Have each of your CPTs write day each client’s session #, bootcamp, etc before the day starts on this sheet. Also, have them hand in a copy of this sheet with their payroll sheet and daily appointment sheets every payroll day. Then you can easily cross reference all the forms in just 2-3 minutes.

>>> Download the session record sheet – NEW

Of course, you can also opt for any number of online tracking programs, but since my CPTs are independent contractors I just like them to use these easy to use and understand forms to hand in with their payroll sheets.


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  • Chris Ranes

    Stupid question, but I want to clarify–are you writing the client’s name on the line once under “MEMBER NAME”, and then writing the date in each little box each time they come in?

    • Hi Chris,

      There’s no stupid questions here… but yes, you are correct:

      Write in the client’s name and the date each time they come in for a session. Draw a line after the final session they have in their package so that you can see when they are coming up for renewal.

      Hope that helps!

  • Hi Terry,

    No the session record sheet keeps track of all of the dates clearly and easily. The daily appointment sheet is for client signatures (sign-in for session).

    I updated the sheet so that you can now download it in excel.


    • Terry Ford

      Thanks for making the paperwork easier to download.

  • Terry Ford

    Is this session record the same as the daily appointment client sign in sheets, as this one is a different format. Could it be in word, or PDF? This program is not easily obtainable.