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This form can work in 2 ways. It can not only protect you in terms of  professional liability, but it can also end up getting YOU referrals from doctors to your business. I actually never intended this form to double as a “client generator,” but nevertheless it happened. I’ll explain how and why in this S3 Member exclusive post:

First off, I’m going to keep this post short, sweet, and to the point.

Every fitness business needs a way of limiting their liability when it comes to working with “at risk” clients who may be coming to you with previously diagnosed health conditions. These conditions may be heart disease, high blood pressure, joint replacement, stroke, mental illness, etc.

My philosophy is that it’s always good to be prepared and that’s why I recommend using this form in your business as needed. (Feel free to just change the business name at the top of the document I am attaching with this post.)

Before I get to how this form ended up generating clients in my fitness business I want to just make sure you are also covering your proverbial backside by also using my liability waivers and daily sign in sheets located on the Smart Studio Systems website.

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Okay, now onto a happy accident I had a few years ago.

When I originally created this form I simply wanted a way for my client’s doctor to sign off on the client’s health and provide any notes or contraindications.

To be honest most doctors (unless specialized) have very little knowledge of exercise, nutrition, or healthy living, and therefore, I never really expect any “mind blowing” advice. But, nevertheless, I do it in order to satisfy my insurance company and to limit my liability when working with specific clients who are heavily medicated or at risk.

In the end it’s your choice on whom you decide to get a doctor’s referral from.

(Truth be told, I always begin getting a new client into a program even if I haven’t gotten the physician’s form back yet… the client came to me for a reason and I want to help them while their motivation is high. Of course, it is a personal decision and I always ease at risk clients into a new program)

Finally, here’s what happened on more than one occasion with more than one doctor.

Without me even knowing I was getting a few referrals from a couple of doctors in the Boston area where my studio is. I didn’t have any idea who these doctors were or why they chose me to send their patients to. Of course I was happy to oblige and welcome these clients into my studio without asking too many questions…

After they became clients and I pried a little more and it comes to be that their doctor looked into my body transformation and personal training programs online after he received one of my physician clearance referral forms from another patient of his.

So why would he do this?

For one, doctors are always looking for ways to help their clients get healthier, but they don’t have many reliable sources to choose from. This is where professionalism and courtesy come in to play.

I proved to this doctor that I ran a professional business by sending (faxing) a doctor referral form neatly written out. And I also extended a professional courtesy recognizing his expertise by asking him for his recommendations (even if he has none ; )

It’s okay to play to someone’s ego…

Especially when it’s a win-win-win, which is what I always preach.

Like I said I’m not going to make this a long drawn out post, but this is a crafty way to actually get a doctor to respond to you (unlike a lot of those “How to Get Doctor Referrals eCourses.” The reason is that they HAVE to respond – it’s their patient they’re liable for.

Do you see how this is actually a really powerful way to get in with doctors and start getting referrals?

Doctors have no obligation to meet with you if you send them an invitation to talk with them, invite them out to lunch, etc., etc., etc.

However, if you start getting their patients results and you send them referral forms to get their opinion, professional recommendation, etc., they will be far more likely to view you on their level and not just another meathead trainer

After sending them a Physician’s Clearance Form you can always then follow up by phone (and they’ll actually talk with you!). AND, after working with a few of their patients you’ll be able to set up an in-person meeting to talk with them more about their patient’s progress and how you can help more of their patients… Jackpot.

Remember, as fitness professionals we always have to fight against the preconceived notions that we can’t read, write, or do anything except pick heavy things up and put them back down. And since many CPTs only reinforce this stereotype it’s actually far easier for professionals like you and me to break free from the pack and let our higher standards and education shine.

I’m happy to write more on this topic, but please feel free to leave me any questions you have in the comment section below and I’ll make sure to answer them for you.

This really is a great way to pick up another handful of clients (equating to thousands of dollars in profit) a year with very little effort and NO marketing dollars.

I hope you enjoy this completely under the radar technique I’ve used to generate doctor referrals, and if nothing else it’s a great form to use to further limit your professional liability.

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