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Want an easy way for your trainers to have your clients sign in? How about having a way to tally what session each client is on at a glance? Well, this daily appointment sheet allows you to see no shows, session #, session type, session time, client’s name, signature, totals, and much more!

I have my CPTs fill out the form completely each morning. Then all they have to do is have each client sign the form when they come in for their session. If they cancel for that day with too little notice, I have each CPT write “late cancel – charge” in the signature line.

It fits with my philosophy of keeping it simple.

These sheets get handed in every other week with the payroll sheet stapled on top for the past 7 days.

>>> Download the daily appointment sessions sheet


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  • Hi Lisa,

    I’m glad you’re enjoying everything!

    The form downloaded just fine for me, so I’m not sure what happened. However, if you still have difficulty getting it onto your computer I will get you another version.

  • Lisa Wenzloff

    WHoa, and how do I get rid of that very old logo in my post. I thought this was deleted in gmail years ago. Any advice? I don’t want that showing up.THanks!

    • Hi Lisa,

      Your “Avatar” is created from your settings – typically associated without whatever email program you’ve set up. It’s not set on our end, so unfortunately you’d have to change the image on your end…

  • Lisa Wenzloff

    Hi Steve,
    I am so happy to have all this great info! I looked around, but can’t seem to find another place to download the daily appointment sheet. When I click the link above, it says the file has been moved or deleted. Thanks.

  • Hi Gemma,

    If you use one of the PDF editors that are listed in the Resource section you will be able to edit any PDFs I give you. All you’ll have to do is highlight “Stephen Cabral Studio” and insert your logo or type your studio name.

    I will also look to see if this was done in excel, but I think it was only created as a PDF from my designer. I’ll definitely add it to this post if it was created in a Microsoft program!

  • Gemma Magnusson

    Hello Steve

    Great package by the way, is there a way to pop my logo on the top of this sheet?

    Many thanks for sharing your information – I can see it is going to be priceless!!