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Coporate personal training accounts are an unbelievable way to create additional revenue streams without adding any overhead (MSOFI)! It’s also one of my favorite ways to increase monthly revenue because corporate clients are one of the most steady and predictable client bases you could work with. Here’s the way I go about finding them and this is the exact proposal document I corporations:

Some S3 member insider information:

These corporate personal training and bootcamp programs I run bring in $80,000 -100,000 a year in revenue and the best part is I use the corporate facilities (no overhead!).

Let’s start off with how I make this happen:

The first thing you should know is one of the best kept secrets of the personal training industry in regards to corporate accounts… the nice thing about being an S3 Member is that you’ll always get the inside scoop from someone who isn’t afraid of being a little “Un-P.C.” at times.

I just want you to know how everything works in this industry so that you allocate resources in areas that bring you the greatest returns (both financially and emotionally).


80% of corporate accounts are set up through personal relationships. Meaning, you are currently training the CEO or someone in the company and suggest a month or two after working with them that you also do corporate training programs…

This can lead you to setting up a “lunch and learn” where you give a 15 minute presentation. I typically also offer a free 45 minute bootcamp class to all employees. This gives them a taste of what we offer and then I set up individual consultations to see if they’re interested in 1-on-1, semi-private, or or group training.

I will also offer 6:30AM/PM bootcamps for corporate groups.

Here are other ways I’ve created relationships that have led to corporate accounts:

  • Networking groups
  • Local business alliance meet-ups
  • Friends in the corporate world
  • Getting my name out as “the option” for personal training in Boston
  • Training the spouses of large corporations – who in turn tell their spouse about us…

We also get some corporate training bootcamp offers by having a large online presence since may of the HR or admin assistants research the web and then call/email personal training companies for more information. (The mainly care about price, but can also be persuaded by brand name recognition and credentials which will impress their boss).

Also, not all corporate bootcamps, classes have to be ongoing or long-term deals. We have at least 2-3 offers a year to teach a corporate bootcamp class, etc for a finite period of time… we just make sure it’s worth our time, energy, and resources.

So now that you know “the secret,” you know what you have to do to set up these account.

Start here:

1. Network locally

2. Join your local business alliance groups

3. Ask you corporate/executive clients if you could give a FREE lunch and learn and possibly add a valuable service to their company. (Just have them put you in touch with HR so that they don’t have to sepnd time on it…)

After you get a bite, just email them over this document after you edit my companies information and prices (unless you want to keep the same pricing).

By the way this document is worth a rediculous amount of money of you land a coporate account! (All I want is a success story of how you made it happen and what it’s done for your personal training business!)

>>> Download the Corporate Bootcamp & Personal Training Proposal here

Just make sure you have a person’s name that you can personally email/mail this to (if not, it will get lost in the paper shuffle). If you are putting it in the mail in addition to emailing (which I highly suggest doing), I would also add a few success stories, newspaper clipping copies, media exposure, etc)

Also, I always turn these documents into PDFs so that the numbers, etc can’t be changed and becuase I believe it looks more professional. Not to mention, some people have issues opening up Word docs depending on the version of MS Word they are using…

I hope this proposal format and document help you crush it in the corporate personal training world! And remember, it’s not about getting dozens of corporate accounts – I’d much prefer 3-4 great accounts that I can hire CPTs for and station them there than have people doing 1-2 sessions every day at 10 different places.

Work smarter, not harder…

Now make some contacts and follow my format:

1. Free lunch & learn

2. Free individual consultation to make a personal connection and recommend one of your program offerings

3. Set up a 1-2x a week coporate AM/PM bootcamp based on what the employees want

4. Set up 1-on-1, semi-private sessions after offering those options at the end of bootcamps and during consultations

5. See if the corporation would like you to set up a 1x a month wellness program where you give employees a monthly kit of workouts, articles, nutrition, etc. (Use this as a last reserve of ideally have the coporation subsidize this for their employees!!!)

I could write about these programs all day, but you now have everything you need to get your foot in the door and start the conversation.

Good luck and remember to share your success stories!


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  • Tramaine Crook

    Do you also do apartment residential bootcamps? If so who do you do typically make the intial contact with to offer the services?

    • Hi Tramaine,

      We do not offer apartment bootcamps, since the apartment gyms we work in are small and it would be too disruptive to the other residents, whom I have no doubt would complain… Our goal is to pick up the gym, make it look nice, and be a value add-on for residents. We get a lot of referrals this way.

      The way we get into apartment buildings is by first working with one resident (through our online advertising, rack cards, or referrals) and then leave business cards or other residents will contact us after seeing our uniform shirts – or even approaching one of our team members after a session.

      Hope this helps!

  • Christian Leighton

    Follow-up to the other post:

    After the lunch and learn…

    Do you offer a 45 Minute Training program at their location sometime in the future and then after that schedule 1 on 1 consults with them?


    Do you just offer them the 1 on 1 consults?

    And are these consults done at my studio or at their corporate office……or does it just depend on what program management wants.

    • The goal of the lunch and learn is to give everyone great usable information they can take on their own.

      After the seminar we give everyone one of our rack cards, which is good for 1 free fitness consultation to meet privately with us if they may be interested in additional training.

      At the consultation (1-on-1) we assess their needs and give them our professional recommendation. At this point we offer a 1-3x a week training program with us, or group bootcamp (we say small groups – up to 6 people).

      Everything is done on site at the corporation. However, some employees do come to our studio to train privately since they don’t like working out in front of coworkers (fairly common).

      Hope this helps!

  • Christian Leighton

    May I be given an example of a wellness program you have give to a corporation? I am having trouble generating ideas for it, don’t know why? I guess Jason’s question says the same thing.

    • Hi Christian,

      Our Wellness Programs are mainly individualized personal training and nutrition plans just like our regular programs. However, sometimes we run corporate bootcamps or monthly seminars depending on the finances of the employees or corporation.

      1 on 1 sessions get everything customized including nutrition, training, and anything else they need.

      Groups get a general weight loss and healthy living meal plan and bootcamp style classes

      Monthly seminars revolve around 1 topic per month to help employees stay or get healthy and lose weight

  • Jason Boyd

    Hi Steve,
    Do you try to get the companies to pay your fees on behalf of their employees? or just leave it up to the individuals?
    Thanks, Jason.

    • Hi Jason,

      Yes, we try to get each company to give each employee 2-4 sessions free as an employee perk.

      Then we also get them to run a morning or lunch or after work time bootcamp class (sometimes different times on different days).

      And then, we convert many of those free sessions and bootcamp members to paying clients (this is when they pay on their own).

      Hope that answers your questions!

  • Hi David,

    We give a presentation on weight loss, healthy living, and destressing.

    After the presentation, we always try to get everyone into a FREE 1-on-1 consult since that is where you can solidify relationships, build trust, and you have an easier time selling a package that way once people know you care…

    The consult works the same way as explained on this site and we use all the same sheets in the welcome packet. If they sign up then they get to take the packet home.

    Most companies send out their own emails, since they’re unwilling to hand over their employee contact list. I just try to frame it as a “lunch & learn” program to help people lose weight and create more balance in their life.

    Hope that helps!

  • Robert Selders

    Hi Steve, This is certainly on time as I’m in the process of securing a few of these type accounts. So what information do you include in the start-up wellness packets? How does the orientation meeting flow with the employees? What type of assessments do you perform (if any), and are they included in the cost of the program? What do you use for the various program descriptions, posters, flyers, and email announcements to the employees (e.g. are you using the same material or a variation of what’s on the S3 site)? Thanks in advance.

  • If you have other ways you run your corporate accounts (or get them), please feel free to share your tips with everyone so that we may all learn!