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We’ll be using this tried and true method of bringing in a surge of new clients over the next month by sending out our systematic “Client Reactivation Campaign.” This campaign alone should net you at least a few “new” clients over the next month. I also made this really easy for you to use by breaking it all down and creating the email and letter templates for you to send out. It’s literally plug & play so check it out and put it to good use!

I’ve found that the 3 best times of the year to send this campaign out are:

December 26th – January 5th (New Year’s resolutions)

May 1st (start of warm weather with summer right around the corner)

September 5th (back to school and end of summer)

These 3 times of the year are also when I market the hardest for new clients since I know that is when the majority of people will be making their fitness decisions of which place to join.

(On a side note I have found the month of March to be huge for my studio – even bigger than January. The reason that I believe this is such a big month for me is that people try it on their own at a gym during January and then after they end up giving up they come to see someone who will hold them accountable and has a proven plan to get them in shape…)

Now, let’s set the stage for how the Client Reactivation Campaign works.

First of all, we all have clients that leave for various reasons. Of course we’d like to keep everyone as a client forever, but the fact remains that there will be some turnover.

I personally believe you should be re-signing at least 90% of your clients every month (with EFT and 12+ week packages this means you only have to resign them every 3 months).

If your retention rate is lower than that you’ll need to look at your customer service, dedication to your clients through follow up emails, calls, etc., client accountability standards, and the results that your able to get your clients.

But as I said before people do leave and they leave for a few reasons such as:

1. Lost their job
2. Other bills they have to pay
3. Moved away
4. The trainer they were working with left your studio/business
5. They wanted to try it on their own

There are others, but those seem to be some of the top ones.

Now if you look at the list you can see that only #3 is a reason not to try to reactivate them as a client.

I have 2 separate folders for non-active clients:

1 folder for “moved away” or don’t contact again (we may have fired them ; )

1 folder for “non-active” clients to be contacted in the future.

These 2 separate folders make this campaign easy to use and get started on. If you haven’t created this filing system in addition to your current active clients I suggest setting it up once and then it’s done and it will be there in the future to be easily accessed.

Okay, so now that we have the first part of the system in place this is how you will activate the campaign.


Email is the least intimidating way to contact someone (which is why it’s our 1st method of contacting potential clients) so we send out this email below during the stated dates outlined above:

Hi Joe,

I just wanted to check in and see how everything was going with you?

I also know that you haven’t been training at our studio for a while so I wanted to see how your weight loss progress was going and if you had any questions that I could answer for you.

I’m always here to help and I’d be happy to help you out in anyway that I can.

Also, over the next few weeks we will have a few client openings at our studio and I didn’t know if you’d be interested in coming back to train with us. I remember you saying that you had to leave because of financial issues and I was wondering if that had changed?

I’d also be happy to offer you a complimentary 45-minute private training session (which we have never offered to anyone), so that you could meet with one of our team members and see if it is a good fit to come back.

We’ve been having great success with getting our clients and would love to share our programing tips, accountability check-ins, and nutritional plans with you.

Either way, I hope that everything is going well for you and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Committed to your success,

Coach Cabral, CSCS, CPT, NS
Founder of Stephen Cabral Studio

Copy, paste, edit, send, and DONE… That’s all there is to it!

So what you can do now (or in the next few weeks) is copy and paste the email above and edit the parts that need adjusting like client name, their goals, reason for leaving, special program availability, etc.

The cool thing is that there’s a lot of built in behind the scenes psychology going on here too…

Did you notice how I asked them how their weight loss progress was coming? I did that for a very specific reason, since, as we know, most people don’t follow through on their weight loss goals without some form of accountability (namely you as  their trainer). Getting them to remember why they came to see you in the first place is powerful stuff in motivating them to get back in action.

Also, did you see how I offered to help them before I asked for anything? The law of reciprocity works here too… I offered to answer any questions they had for me even though I know most people would never actually ask me anything. Plus, just contacting them shows you care – even if you do make them an offer.

AND, I don’t even try to sell them in the email – I offer to give them something for FREE.

In closing, I added how our programs are being met with great success (are they getting success now? Do they feel left out?) and then I closed by wishing them well…

Remember to keep it short and to the point or it won’t get read in the first place.

Step 2:

Typically we send this email out first and then a week later we’ll send out a typed letter with a hand written signature. We wait one week because if they respond we don’t want to spend the $.50-$1 per letter it would cost to mail it out… and we wouldn’t want to contact them again if they ready to go.

The letter we send out is just an 8.5×11 letter inside a standard 4×9 envelope. We’ll sometimes add our rack card and business card to it as well (or other promotional marketing material related to a new program we’re launching).

>>> Download the Professional Client Reactivation Letter

So there you have it and now that you’ve seen how to do it and use my templates it should look easy to implement…  in the beginning everything seems hard and complicated, but once it is broken down and dissected you get see how easy the system really is.

That’s the best part to using proven systems… the great ones are the easiest to use and implement.

Who wants to use a hard system?

Now let’s look quickly at the numbers:

For every 20 non-active clients you send this to you should get 1-2 people to respond and take you up on your offer (unless they left on bad terms). It’s then up to you to close them again… which I have no doubt you will once you turn on your charm and show them how you can hold them accountable to reaching their goals ; )

And since just ONE new client is worth about $297 – $720 a MONTH for most CPTs you can easily see how my “Client Reactivation Campaign” can really pay back BIG dividends (about $3,600 – $9,000 a year!).

Plus, if you run a small CPT business and only have 5-10 non-active clients don’t be afraid to email and call them personally since you have an even better shot are activating at least one of them due to the personal relationship you built while working with them. (Keep in mind I am emailing clients that I didn’t personally work with – that’s why I sometimes have my CPTs send it from them. It’s more powerful that way).

Do your fitness business a favor and RE-ACTIVATE your former personal training clients today!

I hope this post helps and look for many more just like it in the future!


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  • The other point I should add is that you should have your CPTs contacting their non-active former clients every few weeks to “keep in touch.”

    This makes the process of them rejoining your studio easier and MANY times they just end up coming back on their own without you contacting them “formally.”

    Most people really appreciate your follow ups and check-ins… it shows you care when you’re willing take to take the extra time needed to stay in touch.

  • Just to reiterate…

    Unlike some online info-marketers (which I don’t consider myself) any material you get on the Smart Studio Systems Membership area is actually used in my fitness business – everything. (If I change something I update it on the S3 site after testing)

    I don’t use something like them, but these EXACT strategies, marketing methods, business systems, etc.

    They really work!