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Download my follow up new client prospect strategy to post on your wall or keep on your computer. This Excel spreadsheet allows you to look at a glance who you need to follow up with this week and what you need to know to do this correctly. This will stop you from letting leads fall through the cracks and will instead get more clients into your studio.

I make sure to use this format with every new lead I get. I figure that every lead that calls my studio or fills out my online form cost me money to get them to take that action and I know it’s important to capitalize on that initial interest while they are considered “hot.”

The lead would’t have contacted us and taken the time to fill out our online form if they weren’t interested in learning more and potentially training with us. It’s my job to make sure I help them commit themselves to taking action and achieving their goals.

Use the simple spreadsheet below to quickly glance at all recent leads and ensure they are being contacted appropriately.

>>> Download the spreadsheet here

>>> Download .xls version of spreadsheet

More on this topic to come… I just wanted to get you the form ASAP so that you could start using it. Feel free to ask me questions on it as well.


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  • Hi Chris,

    Those are on list!

    Look for them within the next few weeks… I have a few items I want to get out to you before then.

  • Chris Rudolph

    I really like your follow-thru structure…can you posted samples of the follow-up emails and phone call scripts? That would be very helpful for preparing trainers to follow-up. Thanks, Chris Rudolph