Build a $10,000 a Month Fitness Business in 10 Months Presentation

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The is the never before seen video that was originally slated for a $97 online fitness seminar. It is totally different from what you’re used to seeing and it was created to help fellow fitness professionals like myself who want to build (or add) a $10,000 a Month Fitness Business in 10 Months. The best part is you can now watch this full-length, un-edited exclusive presentation for free! So if you’re ready to systematically increase your fitness business income sit back, grab a notepad, a pen, and watch this POWERFUL presentation:

Hi Smart Studio Systems Members!

Unlike all of our other 100+ posts (which I will never share outside of this site), I will be sharing this video with non-members since it was originally created for Ryan Lee and his FitComXpo. Therefore, technically, I feel like this was meant to help tens of thousands of other fitness professionals around the world who are looking to increase their income.

BUT, since I always put my Smart Studio Systems Members first, you get to watch the video before anyone else even hears about!

Here’s just a few points to keep in mind while watching this video:

* I used this method to start my business from scratch 4 times

* Find out why you only need 17 clients (max) to make 120K a year

* Hear me joke around about non-fitness online marketers and how they’re out of touch with the fitness industry of today

* Why you don’t have to just do bootcamps to easily make $10,000 a month (train whichever way you like!)

* Why education plays a very small role in being successful

So without further adieu, here is the feature presentation!

I hope you enjoyed the presentation and feel free to leave any comments, praise, adulation, or any questions you may have!


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  • Loved your presentation. I too will always train 1 on 1 because I love it, but what is your opinion on on-line training? Do you use a specific software?
    Thank you

    • Hi Jaynie,

      I’m glad to hear you’re going to continue doing what you love!

      I’m getting into online training, bt for now 90% of my work is offline… I’ll share more of the software and tips & tricks I use when I transition into doing more of this.

  • Ray Porter

    Where is the feature presentation?

    • Hi Ray,

      The presentation is right above the comments…

      Can you not see it?

      You may have to update your JAVA/FLASH settings. Or it may not be available on an i-device due to Apple’s refusal to play flash video on iPads and iPhones.

      Let us know if you have any questions, but I just double checked and it’s playing just fine.

  • Justin Rovtar

    Steven –
    Can you give me an idea of how you handle clients that cancel alot? I have a couple of clients that constantly cancel sessions. Do you make them pay for the time no matter what?

    Thanks for your help. Presentation was nice!

    Justin R

    • Hi Justin,

      That’s a great question and what I’ll do is take that topic and create an entire post on it.

      I’ll add it to our S3 Member requests and work on it over the next few weeks.

      It will include our cancelation policy, accountability standards, expiration date on packages, motivational tools, etc. (You can find all these elements on the site right now, but they are broken up in different posts)

    • Aric Lee

      I have personally had to “break up” with clients. They actually became great friends while I was their trainer, but I set my standards for my clients and stick to those standards. All I ask is that you show up, work hard, and be receptive- no flakes. It’s unfortunate, but I don’t want to keep charging them for sessions they never use- which all trainers should do. I set the standard high from the get go and adhere to a 24hr cancellation policy- I let them know that it is at my discretion alone and only medical or family emergencies are valid excuses for missed sessions, especially without contact. Market to your ideal clients and they will come…

    • Hi Aric,

      I do agree and with new clients I typically let them know after their first cancelation that my team and I simply wouldn’t have a job if clients were allowed to cancel without 24 hours notice… I say it sincerely and they understand my time has value just like theirs does.

      Thanks for the comment!