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Every year I sit down with each one of my CPTs and assess how they’ve done in 5 specific areas. I also use them time to point out the areas where I think they’re strongest and where I’d like to see them make some improvements. I also use a specific outline on where we both agree on how to make these improvements happen. Plus, the CPTs really like the form I use since it’s simple to understand and they can use the constructive criticism to improve rather than take any comments as negatives. This is a must do and this review form makes it easy. Check it out now->

I’m not going to tell you how you should grade your employees, but I will give you my exact template and forms for what I do.

I make it a point to schedule and hour review with each of my CPTs right before the New Year. (I do monthly check-in reviews with new CPTs, but this is different)

I tell them right off the bat this is going to be a positive experience for both of us and a time to find out where each one of us stands in how our business relationship is going. I tell them I’m going to go through each item on the list and as we’re going through it if they disagree or have any comments I want them to comment and give me their point of view.

From there I go through each item and then I always have a paragraph review at the very end highlighting the key points of what they are excelling at. After I’ve complimented them I then get into where I’d like to see them improve. We both agree on a plan to make those improvements happen and set up a date to check back in on their progress.

I think I really develop an even deeper relationship with my CPTs when we do these reviews and I know they enjoy me helping them grow as professionals.

I do not always give raises, and instead change their incentive bonus structure (more on this later) to potentially make more in the new year by doing at least 30+ sessions a week (average 60 sessions every 2 weeks).

Here’s the Annual Review Forms I Use:

>>> Download CPT Annual Review Form Here

Feel free to tweak this review form however you’d like.

Also, please keep in mind that I am talking with my CPTs on a daily basis so I never let any issue wait before talking about it directly with them. Plus, I keep an open door policy and my team knows they can knock on my door at anytime and we can sit down and talk about client issues or anything they want my advice on.

My last tip is to always keep the reviews POSITIVE. Sure, you’ll add areas of improvement, but it should be a time to compliment them and boost their self-esteem. (If for some reason they really aren’t doing that well, they shouldn’t be working for you and that’s a conversation you should have had with them a long time ago)

Also, if you want to use this review process 2x a year or at any time during the year, go for it!


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