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I know a lot of people get overwhelmed when thinking about marketing and systems strategies… That’s why in this post I’m going to show you very simply how to add another $1-10K this year. Actually, this is going to be the easiest PAY RAISE you’ve ever gotten… watch how:

Here’s how and I really think you’re going to like the simplicity of this money making tip I’m about to give you. Plus literally any studio or bootcamp owner can implement this.

Here’s how it works:

One of the easiest and best ways to increase your income is to sell MORE to your current clients who already know, like, and trust you. And if you can provide them with a product or health related service or recommendation they will even thank you for making their purchase easier by picking it up from you…

Okay, so what can you provide that EVERY client needs for their workout?


Now here’s how you can capitalize on that:

At out studio what we did was begin asking each client, ‘would you like to add just $1 per session so that you wouldn’t have to remember to bring a water bottle and you could just grab a cold one at the start to each session from our refrigerator?’

So now what did we just do?

We added a “non-pushy” convenient service that only cost them $1.

However, that $1 is almost pure profit since we buy cases of (24) 16oz water bottles for $2.99 – 3.99 (about 12 cents a bottle).

And, all that profit goes to you since it doesn’t change your CPTs pay rate. Now, if you’re currently doing (100) 1-on-1 sessions a month (20-25 sessions a week) that’s a $1,200 raise a year INSTANTLY.

And for what?

Adding a convenience, just like a tab or credit at a country club, etc.

Now if your business does 500 sessions a month that’s a $6,000 a year raise!

That’s enough to pay for the nicest car lease for an entire year or a dream vacation just buy asking for $1 more per session for a water with each session.

But wait, here’s how it gets really good:

If you teach just 2 bootcamps or youth athletic groups per day (10 per week) with 30 clients in each session (60 a day) and you make this same offer when they sign up for a new package you will add $14,400 in NEW MONEY per year!

Now imagine, if you have multiple camps, clinics, classes, etc.

You can see how it is now possible to realistically make 15-20K a year just from water sales.

Okay, I don’t want to blow anyone’s mind too much more but now what if you said “for $4 more per session we could offer you a special discount and provide you with a water bottle and a post workout recovery shake or bar after your workout…”


Now that $1,200 a year per 100 sessions per month (20-25 sessions a week) equals almost $5,000 a year and the group sessions now becomes $58,400 in added extra revenue.

And these are REAL NUMBERS!

You don’t even have to market this to make this happen!

You already have the clients who have bought into your philosophy…

Just buy a refrigerator for your facility and have a water delivery company like Poland Springs deliver you cases of water every week for a hugely discounted price (you can negotiate the quoted price lower).

And, if you have a bootcamp just go to a wholesale retailer like Wal-Mart, Target, etc and buy a bunch of cases of water and put them in a cooler to bring to your camps.

Seriously, you have to implement this strategy and let me know how you did!

My goal is to simplify the business building process and show you how increasing your income doesn’t have to be difficult, lengthy, or a struggle… Plus this new strategy is easy and doesn’t require any additional time on your end.

All it really involves is a simple line saying this:

“Hi Bob,

I just wanted to let you know that a bunch of our clients have been requesting that we start a tab or something like that so that they could just grab a cold water and a protein bar with each workout.

So what we did was allow our current clients to add just $1 per session for a water and $3 per session for a protein bar. Some people choose to do both and others just go with the water.

Does either option sound like it may be convenient for you instead of remembering to bring a water every workout or the money to have to pay out of pocket every time you want a water?”

(Then just wait for their response and coolly respond whether they say yes or no… remember your presenting this as a convenience for them – not you)

Good luck my friends and I hope this post got your mind going on how you can provide more helpful products and services to your current clients in the future!


Water delivery:

I currently use Poland Springs Business Water Delivery


I currently sell Power Crunch protein bars (Yes, I prefer whey protein isolate or greens based vegan shakes, but protein bars that use whey protein can be a relatively healthy choice when compared to your clients’ other options…)

These bars are also made with Proto Whey which is pretty unbelievable since most bars use really cheap protein. The best part is that they’re light and wafer-like so clients (and trainers) love them and they don’t sit like lead in your stomach….

We basically suggest them to clients who would typically purchase something like a muffin at a local coffe shop or a snack from the vending machine – so in this case it would be a much smarter decision to go with a bar (especially if they won’t do shakes).

Talk with you soon and remember you can’t lose by implementing this easy tip and the flip side is all that EXTRA MONEY you’ll making doesn’t cost you any extra time – it could even pay for your monthly car payment, health insurance, a child’s education, a vacation… or possibly something even greater if you run a larger bootcamp or studio business.

Start tomorrow!


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  • Brad Pugh

    This is the simplest idea! But Genius! Thanks!

    • Hi Brad, thanks for the comment and I hope you implement this idea. Too many people I speak with love these simple ideas, but they don’t act on them!

      I think they somehow feel success should be this epiphany or complicated strategy that takes a year to implement…

      Success is the accumulation of all your actions, not just one or two grand ideas.