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This is one of those posts that really separates Smart Studio Systems from all other programs. It’s not to say that this will be your favorite post, or anything hyped up like that… it’s just one of those S3 content posts that will make you at least an extra few hundred dollars per month (or possibly per week). Over time that adds up to a few extra THOUSAND dollars per year and if it is multiplied over a team of CPTs then you’ll only see that number grow. Check out this technique that I’ve been having my studio and in-home CPT team implement over the past few months to bring in more revenue for everyone!

I don’t know why, but sometimes I just get tired of the hype…

When I hear people claim they can help you make 3 Million dollars in less than 6 months it just kind of gets old after a while. I mean, I’m sure they mean well, but everyone who is working with clients and owns a fitness business knows that you still have to put in the work.

Of course, you don’t have to kill yourself doing it, and that’s why I hope my Smart Studio System Member posts can help save you time and money, as well as helping you make more money (and free time) to enjoy your business and your non-work life.

Anyway, the little rant is over and here is the email that I sent out to my CPTs a few months back.

In the email you’ll see how each CPT was able to add about 1-3 extra sessions in their schedule per week, which amounted to about 10 extra sessions per month.

That’s about $500 more per month for each trainer in their pocket – so needless to say they were happy!

Now, of course, I made money too with each one of those sessions they completed, but the part I found more rewarding was that each team member was able to still complete an average of about 140-150 sessions per month during the slowest months of the year (July and August in New England).

Here are the tips I gave my CPTs and this is the exact email I sent them (you could even send it to your own team ;  ) :

Hi everyone,
I just have a quick note for you today concerning your schedule openings and 1x/week clients.
Since we know that clients will get better results the more times per week that they meet with us, it is best that we try to get them in at least one other day per week when time allows. What this does is not allow them 6 full days of not being accountable to anyone… if they know that they will be meeting us in a day or two most people will be more inclined to follow their nutrition and out-of-studio workout program and thus get better results – and want to continue on with the program.
Of course, if money (not time) is the reason for the client only doing 1x/week then they may only be able to add 1 additional session every few weeks.
So, if anyone has a new client (or old) that signs up for just 1x/week don’t be afraid to mention to them that although they signed up for once a week they can always add in an additional session (that will be debited from their current package) whenever they are free another day that week. They can either let you know of their openings or vice versa…
I often let my 1x/week clients know of my openings for the following week (or even that same week if I’m training them early in the week) – this extra day really works out well since it gives us time to critique some of the workouts they are doing on their own.
Also, mentioning the extra day to them should be done casually. Just say something like “I was looking at my schedule for the rest of this week and I ended up having a couple of extra openings and was wondering if you’d like to come in and get in another workout. It would give us time to keep you on track and go over one of the other workouts you are doing on your own. I would be able to make sure you’re using proper form and give you some tips to maximize that day’s workout.”
All you’re really doing is trying to provide even better service by focusing on getting them greater results…
The nice thing about this method is that you don’t have to ask the same client every week to fill in your openings…
You could alternate between clients and constantly be filling up cancelation openings, etc. Obviously, you could do this by email as well, but I always find that asking someone in person yields a more positive response since once they’re working out with us they remember how much they love it and would like to get in more sessions.

This same technique works with having a 2x/week client come in for a 3rd session, etc.
You never know either… I’ve had clients switch from 1x/week all the way up to 3x/week every week.
Hope these tips help for filling up your schedule openings!


As you can see this isn’t earth shattering material… or is it?

Everyone says, “yah, yah, yah, I already knew that…,”  but few of us ever do it and follow through on it (myself included).

So whether you knew this tip or not, it doesn’t matter at all.

What matters is that you implement this technique TODAY!

Why? Because myself and my entire team did it and we were all able to add at least an extra $500 per month (close to paying for your entire S3 License) which equals over $6,000 for the year.

Small steps really can pay big dividends and I’d love to hear how you use this tip and bump up your completed sessions per week by at least 2-3 sessions. (Please try it out and comment in the box below)

Good luck and I hope you keep cranking away at your business (unless, of course, you make 3 Million dollars in the next 6 months working an hour a day  ; )


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