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Here are the current program offerings and the prices that I charge. This S3 exclusive private content article includes all my studio programs and I even include my in-home, corporate, bootcamp, and small group pricing. This is a never before revealed look into the programming behind my studio success and how you can model my system for outstanding studio results!

I’m going to keep this simple and right to the point because I know that’s what you’re looking for.

Below I will outline the programs I offer, plus a sentence or two about how I run them. Then I will note how much I charge per session.

This information can then be formatted to your city and you can lower or increase the price depending on the clientele you are serving and the median income of your demographics. Either way it will all work out in the end since if you pay less in overhead you won’t have to charge as much per session, etc.

AND, if you have a larger space than I do you can fit in more people per hour and make even more money!

Okay, here are ALL my current program offerings:

One-on-One Private Training
There are people who say one-on-one is dead, but they obviously aren’t doing it right… In my post on “how to make 33% more instantly” I showed you how you can make around $100 an hour without having to charge your clients that much per session. This also works to your advantage when you are making a percentage or fixed amount from the personal trainers you have working for you. We fit in 3-4 one-on-one sessions at a time in my studio and my fitness floor is under 500 sq/ft. Yes it’s tight, but the studio is wide open and we just work in with one another if we need a piece of equipment. We started out charging $79 per 45 minute session and then increased it to $89 when we were 60% sold out.
$89 per session

We offer 2-3 clients per session trainings, but they are done slightly different than other semi-private offerings at other facilities. We designate a certain area of the studio (about 1/3) that has 3 single pulley cable towers to the semi-private. Plus, all 3 clients must have the same goal since the majority of their programs are the same. We do not open up the whole studio to their session since it would eliminate the possibility of other CPTs working at that time. We started out at charging $49 per 45 minute session and we increased it to $55 when we were 60% sold out (studio capacity). This is actually a small part of our training since I don’t believe it is the best use of our space… However, if I had a larger space I may stress this option more because you will make more per hour.
$55 per session

Small Group Training
I love this type of training and I believe it’s more effective then semi-private (traditional sense) since there’s great energy to the group and they are all motivated towards the same goal (think about how weight watchers members really bond together…). We offer these classes on the weekend and allow 6 people and 1 trainer to completely take over the studio space. The cool part is that we charge for a one month program because even though they are only meeting 1x/week we give them complete weekly workout and nutrition programs. The clients love it and to be totally honest we may start changing our marketing to only target women since that is who signs up.
$197 per month for 4 45-minute sessions (one per week)

Outdoor Bootcamps
We run outdoor bootcamps from May – October, but do not market them heavily since I do not like the inconsistency with stopping for the cold winter months. I try to switch everyone over to small group training whenever possible and upgrade them to a higher paying and more effective (and personalized) training environment. Having said that, it is still good to run these outdoor camps since a particular audience will always want them. We run them Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:30am in a local park near our studio. Yes, some people create entire business models around bootcamp training, but it’s just not my thing. Everyone has their own philosophy on training and business and it just doesn’t fit into my larger scope of how I operate. Plus, I’ll share a post in the coming weeks on “the state of the bootcamp industry” and where it’s headed.
$297 per month for up to 3 sessions per week

Corporate Bootcamps
We offer corporations in the area group training options and they seem to enjoy the bootcamp type classes. We bring in some small equipment like kettlebells and bands and they sometimes supply anything else we need. We keep the pricing structure very simple and let them know that for 1-10 people we charge $150 for the 45-minute bootcamp and for 11–20 people we charge $250. Also, all bootcamps are held at the corporation and typically they take place in empty training rooms or conference rooms if the corporation doesn’t already have a gym to use.
$150 per session (1-10 people) or $25 per person for less than 6 people (minimum of 4 people)
$250 per session for up to 20 people
If there are more than 20 people we will split up the class into 2 separate times

30-Minute Private One-on-One Training
We just started offering a lower priced option for clients who would like to do one-on-one training, but couldn’t afford the $89 price tag for the 45-minute sessions. We only mention this option after we are sure that the potential client will absolutely not do the 45-minute option. It’s basically a time-saving and money saving option for a certain client base and it works out well for us too because we can fit these sessions in throughout the day.
$59 per session

In-Home Training
I sub out all my in-home sessions to 3-4 personal trainers (only 1 works at the studio and in-home full-time) that I know well and are professional in the way that they train clients. This is very important since the new client initially contacted me and my name is at stake. Plus, they are meeting clients at their home and must be professional and comfortable working in that environment. The sessions are 45-minutes and are set up the same as studio sessions.
$89 – $150 per session depending on travel time
60 minute extended sessions can be purchased at a 33% increase in price

All of my sessions are sold in 12 week packages.

I never sell less than 12 sessions and if I do it is always at a premium of $100 per 45-minute session. (This only happens a few times a year when we have people come in from out of town that want to work with us and take home programs with them to use).

We only sell multiples of 12 sessions.

Meaning, if a client wants to train 2x a week we’ll sell them 24 sessions which can be split up over 3 months. They can choose to pay by EFT for 8 sessions per month for 3 months or one lump sum payment for every 12 week program. This makes it easier on their wallet and they get used to just having their credit card on file and being charged 1x per month. Then when they want to resign we just continue the process for another 12 week package – never less!

We take AMEX, Mastercard, Visa, and personal checks.

We like cash too ; )

I don’t see a need to scare people away and try to have them sign up for longer… it just doesn’t make sense to me since 3 months seems to be the perfect comfort zone for people to commit to.

AND, they end up renewing anyway, so it’s kind of moot point.

I hope this inside look into how my business functions helps you reexamine how your program offerings are laid out and if you want to add any additional services to your local area. Remember, long term success and security is achieved by diversifying your portfolio of services. It’s a fine line between diluting your niche and specialization and bringing in more money. You won’t see me offering Pilates, Yoga, or Gyrotonics (not that I have an issue with them), but if it pertains to the body transformation community I may offer it in the future and test it out.

You just need to stick with what you’re known for (or want to be known for) and do it better than anyone else in your city. From there you can keep the same concepts and training philosophy, but just branch out.

Also, use my program offerings as examples of formatting and diversification. If you run an athletic training facility, or another fitness based studio you can still easily begin to implement the 12 week structure, the 45-minute sessions (with additional time on their own for warm-up, etc), the small group training, and so on.

Get creative, build your brand, and make a name for yourself in your community!


Side Note: Much of my private client and online personal training income is not included in my merchant account and thus is not included in the 50K a month. The 50K refers to all money that is only associated with studio related trainer work. I have 6 separate accounts for different business modalities. For you, when you’re first starting out I recommend setting up a separate business and personal checking account to keep your deposits and debits clear from each other.


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  • Christian Leighton


    I understand, I honestly never considered that demographic before.

    Since I am a one man show here, I do all the training and coaching.

    I know your feelings toward semi-private training, but wouldn’t you agree that it would work in my case, since I am one person. I currently do everything 30 minutes (people are impatient with anything longer than that I have learned).

    My thoughts were to:

    1. Since (your right) the cost of living here is lower despite lower income levels I provide an affordable alternative.

    2. Do 30-Minute semiprivate personal training sessions in groups of 3 at a price point of $29.00 / session with 3 month memberships. So in a one hour time slot I would be making $174 per hour of work. Granted, in the beginning I will be working for lower wages….

    3. Avoid sticker shock

    Most gyms in my area are box gyms. The only location that I consider nice is the YMCA and they charge $30 an hour. (Its easier being a “non-profit” I guess).

    What do you think?!

    • HI Christian,

      I do agree that semi-private is your best option when you can’t make $49 or more for a 45-minute session ($65/hour). I think you could most likely pull off $39 for 30-minutes and then that would equate to $78/hr.

      However, if you can get 3 people in at $29 a semi-private session for 30-minute then I’d shoot for that option…

      By the way, we need to get you to hire another CPT for your team!

      Good luck and keep us updated-

  • Christian Leighton

    Hey Stephen!!!

    Thanks for all your helpful information. I will be seeing you in September for more in depth assistance but since thats a month away, I can’t waste any time. SO BEAR WITH ME HERE.

    I actually looked at your demographics compared to my demographics within a 1,3 and 5 mile radius. I used ESRI.COM for the information.

    Heres what I got for MY STUDIO: 2010 POPULATION
    1 Mile Radius for my studio – 4,920
    3 Mile Radius for my studio – 52,061
    5 Mile Radius for my studio – 124,213

    Heres what I got for YOUR STUDIO: 2010 POPULATION
    1 Mile Radius for my studio – 81,552
    3 Mile Radius for my studio – 470,163
    5 Mile Radius for my studio – 895,535

    Now from what I can tell, you definitely have a larger market, But here is where its critical where I get help with. There aren’t as many people here with disposable incomes. Here’s what I mean:

    Heres what I got for MY STUDIO: 2010 Households by income over $100,000 +

    1 Mile Radius for my studio – 738
    (132 over $200,000)

    3 Mile Radius for my studio – 7200
    (1160 over $200,000)

    5 Mile Radius for my studio – 18730

    Heres what I got for YOUR STUDIO: 2010 Households by income over $100,000 +

    1 Mile Radius for my studio – 13725
    (5194 over $200,000)

    3 Mile Radius for my studio – 39855
    (13693 over $200,000)

    5 Mile Radius for my studio – 91022

    My studio is currently 95% Bootcamp with the rest personal training and consults but I definitely want to up my level of service. But at what price point would you say I should focus on and what type of training should I do for this market. I would love personal training but what do you think?

    Sorry for the long story….


    • Hi Christian,

      Not to worry. If you follow my formula to convert some bootcamp members (http://www.smartstudiosystems.com/worst-fitness-business-model/) then you should really be able to dramatically boost your personal training (20%+ should convert).

      You already have a built in clientele so tap that first…

      2nd, you dont need to search $100,000+ for demographics. I suggest searching 65K-80K+.

      Plus, it really doesn’t matter how much people make in your community because the cost of living, etc will be in accordance. Therefore, that’s how you should price your sessions for 1-on-1 or small group/semi-private.

      Here’s my secret for pricing:

      I price my 1-on-1 sessions at what a nice gym (not $9.95 volume gym) charges for a month. In Boston, “Equinox and the Sports Club LA charge $150 a month and Boston Sports Club charges $90.” That’s why I charge $89 per session (started out at $79).

      So, if a gym in your area charges $40 a month, you may want to go with $49 a session or maybe $39 (or maybe $29 30-minute sessions). But remember, I advocate 45-minute sessions so our $89 are really $119 an hour… so that’s how we actually make way more per hour than everyone else, but can charge a fair fee.

      Will talk more at my event in Boston and can come up with a specific plan for you!

  • Christian Leighton

    2 questions:

    What is your demographic median income level in where your studio is?

    Do your clients get scared of because of the price, when they initially see it on the site or in-studio. I am technically a new business because I am doing a new strategy, the SSS System, so if I scare those customers away before their initial consult how will I be able to resort to my back up 30 minute sessions.?

    • Hi Christian,

      We offer a variety of price points, but always start with our private training rates.

      Are rates are slightly higher, but competitive in our area.

      We actually started at $79 and then when the studio was 50% full, we switched to $89 and there was no issue with new incoming clients (they never knew we offered the $79 rate.

      Basically what we did was take the high rates of gym 60-minute training sessions and use that higher price for our 45-minute sessions. This softened the blow to new clients.

      Plus, we only choose to work with the people that see the value of our services. Again, you only really need about 20 clients for each CPT to be full-time so don’t think you need to please the world.

      And… for the clients that can’t afford your 45-minute sessions you can offer them your 30-minute sessions which you’ll offer for less. We used to offer $79 for 45 min and $49 for 30 min. Now, it’s $89 and $55.

      Also, you NEVER EVER sell your sessions as a per session deal. You explain to people that they are investing in a complete program which includes nutrition, exercise, accountability check-ins, progress reports, our of studio workouts, etc.

      This way, they’re not buying a workout or a session, but rather investing in a whole program that gets results.

    • There are our well-tested marketing demographics for postcard mailings:

      1. up to 2 miles from studio
      2. $80,000+ income (you may need to adjust this number higher or lower depending on your community and client base)
      3. Own their own home
      4. College degree
      5. Ages 35-55
      6. single or married

      Some clients will come to our studio that are younger, older, poorer, less formally educated, etc., but the majority fall within this demographical data (for our studio and location).

      Now you have it all!

  • Christian Leighton

    Hey Stephen
    Do you still follow the 12 Week (3 Month) Agreements for all contracts. I have always been told to go for 12 months or higher when it comes to programs. What do you think now? THanks

    • Hi Christian,

      Thanks for the comment and I’m going to create a whole video post on this since it’s a very integral part of how you structure your business.

      Here’s the short answer while I’m getting that video up on the S3 Member’s area:

      1. I do NOT do 12 month agreements
      2. If I did, I would have them pay up front
      3. No one will honor a 12 month agreement and keep paying if they decide to leave for some reason if they didn’t pay up front
      4. You can block charges on your credit card or do a client can do a charge back
      5. 12 month agreements DO work for lower priced options such as bootcamps
      6. It’s extremely difficult and unnecessary to sell a 12 month agreement the 1st time you ever meet someone… and especially if it’s a higher priced training option
      7. If you set people up with a 12 week (3 month) contract then they don’t feel like you’re trying to lock them in as a gym would for a year
      8. With 3 month contract you only need them to resign 3 more times for a year
      9. If your training overdelivers then you’ll have no issue renewing your clients.
      10. We look for a 90%+ resign rate. Never less than 80%
      11. If you sell 12 month contracts there has to be an incentive – typically a reduction in price.
      12. I do not want to make less money per session ; )
      13. You will make less money by selling discounted packages (assuming you do have a steady stream of new leads always coming in)
      14. Bottomline: Unless you are a bootcamp, small group, or looking to put your business up for sale, I would never recommend selling 12 months at a discounted price.

      Hope that helps!

  • Christian Leighton

    Hey Stephen,
    Do you still follow the 12 Week (3 Month) Agreements for all contracts. I have always been told to go for 12 or higher when it comes to programs. What do you think now? THanks

  • John Donaghey

    Hello Stephen,

    thanks for you answer.

    I do mostly one to one @88 per 45 mins. However I am starting to introduce semi-private at $55 per person for 45 mins. I see your point about semi private and small group not always being the best but for now it works for me as I do not have a consultation room and i have a small space like yours so I am doing all the sessions myself.

    It is a goal of mine to have a small office and consult room , with wall of fame etc in order to make it a bit more professional for potential clients.

    Thanks for your help.

    ps I also do small fat loss bootcamps in my 600sq ft studio and limit it to 12 people and I charge $235 per month for 12 sessions (3 per week) and it works well for me. It is basically like a weights based circuit with free weights and is easy to monitor and run. A small studio is great for this.

    • Glad to hear it and I TOTALLY believe in you doing what works best for you – It’s your studio and you know it and your community better than anyone!

      Just keep implementing the S3 Systems and watch it grow!

  • John Donaghey

    Hello Stephen,

    if Semi-private training is $55 per session then why is the small group training priced at almost $50 per session?

    How do you differentiate it to clients. The small group training is definitely something I would love to implement.



    • Hi John,

      I know what you are saying and they are very close ($49 versus $55 – now $59).

      This is the situation: If we’re going to close down our studio for 45 minutes to only use it for small group training then we need to make sure we are making about the same amount of money as 3-4 1-on-1 sessions.

      For example if we charge $89 per 1-on-1 session that = $356 in 45 minutes (4 sessions max).

      If we charge $49 per small group that = $296 in 45 minutes (6 people max).

      If you look at those exampels we actually make $60 more per 45-minute block doing 1-on-1 sessions, so unless you are teaching the group session yourself it may not be worth it.

      Do you see why I keep telling everyone that small group and semi-private training is not always the best answer! We won’t anyone listen to me ; )

  • Heather Hall

    Hi Stephen! Great post and great info! I’m currently running bootcamps as the main part of my training business but am slowly getting back into private/semi-private training. I’m also very interetsed in hearing your post about “the state of the bootcamp industry.” My camps have never gotten above 12 people in a class (now they’re turning more into small group training size of 5-6/class), and since I’ve started doing private/semi-private training I realize how much I’ve missed it! And none of the people inquiring about training have been interested in boocamp.

    I currently sublease a space of about 900 sq. ft. from an athletic training facility, but also have to share it with some other trainers that work mainly with athletes. The owner told me there is a space in the same building that is just under 500 sq. ft. that would be rediculously cheap, and it would be all mine. He also said if I still wanted to run my bootcamps in the 900 sq ft area I could just reserve the times I needed it and we would work out payment on that. My husband is leary of me renting the smaller space, but after joining this website and seeing what you do with your space I think I could make it work. It would be nice to not have to share it with other trainers. I’m also thinking of trying to convery my bootcamp clients into small group training, but not sure how they would react with the price increase. Any advice on this?

    Again, thanks so much for the great post and all the other information!!


    • Hi Heather,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Here’s how I would look at your situation…

      Find our how much your overhead will be each month and then calculate how many client sessions it would take each week/month to pay that amount. If it really is that cheap then it would be great to have your own space. That way there you can brand and market it however you’d like and you’d be assured all the leads are coming to you from your marketing and not the other CPTs at the other facility…

      I hope that makes sense, but in the end you have to do whatever you feel comfortabel with.

      As for semi-private vs bootcamp you’d have to give your campers something extra to convince them the switch and resulting fee increase is worth it…

      Good luck and keep pushing forward!

    • Hi JHeather,

      Thanks for the email and I always look at new spaces at what it will cost ot break even.

      If the space only costs $1,000 a month all you really need is 10 clients paying $50 per session training 2x a week to break even!

      That’s easy to do!

      We have 500 ft of fitness floor and train about 1,000 sessions a month so I have no doubt you can dig in and train 40 sessions a month.

      I’ll also create a longer post on the bootcamp industry – which is a mess!!! It literally is a race to the bottom (which is sad)…

  • Hi Dean,

    You definitely hit on a few key points…

    Once I get our new S3 members squared away and feeling good I will write up my Manifesto and put it right here on the S3 site for you to check out before ANYONE else gets to read it.

    I really feel strongly about this and have no doubt my predictions are starting to come true even now… Stay tuned!

  • Dean Carlson

    I too am very interested on your thoughts regarding bootcamps, especially since they are a large part of our business model. We have been conducting group training sessions we call “bootcamps” for quite awhile, and I don’t know anyone that puts the time and effort into programming that we do. The challenge I see is that everyone and their brother tags their program with “bootcamp” because it is the trendy thing to do, while throwing a mishmash of exercises together and beating up their clients. Any fool can make you tired, it takes skill to make clients better, especially in groups. We have clients that have been with us for years using this model, but I do wonder if the concept is getting diluted because of “pretenders”…

  • Nice work Jeanine!

    Those are exactly the type of programs I preach about – they’re not bootcamps – they’re unique to your studio… that’s why these small groups can’t become a commodity or duplicated as easily.

    Keep up the great work and definitely report back as the groups grow!

  • Robert Brown

    Are you going to ever show some sample proposal for getting corporate bootcamps?

    • I just put it up today – check out the Business Tool Box category!

  • Hi Cameron,

    We only alot 1 peak AM, lunch, and PM time to semi-private training. That way we can assure ourselves that it will be filled with 3 people. The exception to this is that we allow new clients to start their own semi-private by inviting at least one friend to join them…

    As you could probably tell from my post that I’m not a huge fan of semi-private training when you own a small facility, unless you’re the one doing the majority of the training. It just takes up to much space and from all the research I’ve gathered the retention rate is definitely lower than the lower-priced small group or the individual attention clients get from 1-on1 training.

    Hope that helped!

  • Hi Terry,

    You can go to http://www.StephenCabralStudio.com for photos of my studio (on the right hand column).

    I am having a videographer come in February to shoot the video tour of my studio. You will get to watch it shortly after that when it is edited…

    • Terry Ford

      Thanks, I’ve been trying to piece it together from your website and the youtube videos. Hopefully you can include a diagram layout as well. I’m not sure I know what exactly a “brownstone” is. Is that an apartment complex/condo or an office building of sorts? Very cool having a deck available to members.

  • Terry Ford

    I really want to see the inside of your studio (layout, and equipment inventory). Is that coming soon???

  • Cameron Makarchuk

    Hey Stephen,

    Great content! Its all incredibly helpful. A question though, how do you go about putting people into your semi private groups? Meaning, if a client is interested in signing up for your semi private coaching for 2 sessions per week and he/she would like Monday and Thursday at 1pm, but that person is the only person that is interested in that time slot, do you still give them the semi private rate and coach them 1-1 until other people are interested in joining that group? How do you handle that kind of situation? I hope that makes sense.

    Thanks in advance!

    Cameron Makarchuk

  • Tina Davis

    What im doing is 30m sessions with a comment from the client of 6 months or 12 months. They get a better rate when they do longer term. I havent had any issues.

  • Todd Dattoli


    I would love to hear your commentary on ‘Plus, I’ll share a post in the coming weeks on “the state of the bootcamp industry” and where it’s headed.’

    When you get a moment, please share this with us as I am very interested on hearing your thoughts on this.

    Thanks in advance.

    Todd Dattoli

    • No problem and I’ll be happy to share that in a few weeks…

      I have to get out a bunch of other content to you before I write that up.

  • Frank Welling

    Thanks for the valuable information

  • Joel Gottehrer

    Wow this information is really valueable and will play a big role. Thanks a mil, I will keep you updated.

  • If you offer other programs please feel free to list them here in the comment section – I’d love to hear them!

    • Jeanine Jordan

      Hi Stephen,
      Thought I’d share. I just started a new program that brings a small group of at least 5 people in 5 times a week. I see them for 45 min. 3X a week using weight training and yoga and then they do a tough cardio 30min 2X per week. I use the PN program you suggested for nutrition and I love it.
      To market this program I brought in a lot of clients from a different, less expensive weight loss program and offered it at the same price since I know the word of mouth is very powerful in this town of 7,000. So far I have 12 people on the program and the discipline included in the program is just what people needed. The group support is amazing and most of the group shows up early and they show up excited!! The results are waaaay better than I expected.I know this is the answer to my financial questions of- how am I going to make it?????
      Thanks you for the inspiration and direction.
      Jeanine Jordon
      Jordon Studio