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marketing calendar

marketing calendar

Here’s an inside look into my business! No one has ever had access to see when I launch all my campaigns and on what dates… until now. S3 members check out what I have planned for this coming year’s 1st quarter and copy my complete date-by-date marketing plan for your business! Here are the exact dates, releases, and methods I will be using on my marketing calendar for the New Year.

Okay, it’s time to peel back the curtain on my 1st quarter marketing efforts…

Here are the release dates:

December 31st: 6×11 Postcard Mailing to 3,000 local residents (arrives on January 4th)

January 2nd: New Google PPC Campaign offering weight loss classes

January 4th: 4.25×11 Doorhangers placed on 1,500 local neighbors’ doors

January 5th: New rack cards placed in local businesses offering limited studio openings + new client start-up package. It will also display new success stories. We will look to add another 5 businesses per trainer to our current 50 or so locations.

January 5th: The debut of a 2nd new rack card that has a free ab/core workout they can do at home or at their local gym (see my full post on this topic). For a relatively small investment I’m betting this will create a handful of clients who want to learn how to complete these exercises with the proper form and learn more about how they can get in shape.

January 6th: Coffee sleeves debut at local café (1,000 sleeve test run)

January 7th: Add 8.5×11 plastic displays to local real estate offices offering them a complimentary fitness consultation and training session

January 19th: 4×9 Flyers (rack cards) on cars

February 2nd: 4.25×11 Doorhangers placed on 1,500 local neighbors’ doors

February 13th: 6×11 Postcard mailing to 3,000 local residents (arrives on February 16th)

February 16th: Debut of Boston Health Newsletter dropped off to local business and residents (more on this to come)

March 2nd: 4.25×11 Doorhangers placed on 1,500 local neighbors’ doors

March 22nd: 6×11 Postcard mailing to 3,000 local IN-HOME residents (arrives on March 24th)
All marketing campaigns like placing rack cards in additional local businesses are ongoing. We will also hang 11×17 posters in local businesses that allow us to promote to their customers (where we are specifically adding a benefit like a FREE gift, etc).

Also, when I get a new idea I will immediately have it created and ready to be printed for the next week. That’s why my current plan is set, but still has some play in it depending on what new and creative ideas I may come up with and want to test out. You’ll definitely hear about all my new test runs and how they work out!

Remember, you don’t have to do everything I do… I have tons of competition on my city and that’s why I have to stay in front of my potential clients so often. Choose what works for you and then ramp up over time as you feel more comfortable…

Here’s a side note though… if you have less competition AND you still do everything I do then there’s no doubt you will be the ONLY name anyone ever thinks about when it comes to your particular fitness niche!


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  • John Heary

    Hi Stephen,
    I do not currently offer the in home training. Where are the postcards that offer studio and bootcamp training? I will send those out on Dec. 31st.

  • John Heary

    Is the Dec. 31st postcard mailing strictly for in home personal training? Do you have a postcard that you send to bring them into your studio?

    • Hi John,

      Good question and I highly recommend the in-home, studio, or bootcamp postcards to go out in the mail December 31st with a introductory offer.

      Our offer is usually always for a complimentary weight loss or body transformation consultation. However, I will say that we use postcards 2x a year, but mainly use doorhangers (almost once a month) as our neighborhood marketing). They give you more space to write on and there’s no competition in the mail pile!

      Hope this helps!

  • Christian Leighton

    Hey Steve,

    Why are you specific with real estate offices? Is there a certain advantage to going there or just another avenue for sales?

  • Christian Leighton

    Hey steve!

    Budget is tight for me…. so I was thinking of getting a couple of people and just going around the area (1/2 mile) and doing this type of marketing instead of using the mail.

    What do you think?

  • Liliann Bailey

    Would love to know more about the coffee sleeves and your arrangement with the cafe. Did you have the sleeves printed yourself or did the cafe use their vendor? What exactly did you print on the sleeves? I assume the cafe also includes their logo? What was the approx. cost per sleeve?

    Did you feel this type of marketing was a worthy ROI and will you repeat this in the future?

    • Hi Liliann,

      I wrote a whole post on the coffee sleeves and like most of my guerrilla marketing you only need 1-2 new clients and it breaks even or makes money, so I do believe it is worth while – We continue to use this unique marketing piece even today!

      We do not use the cafe’s printer since I found a great deal and share it with all the S3 Members on this site.

      Please search “coffee sleeve” in the search box to find the S3 Exclusive post.

  • Ruston Webb

    Do you have an example of the 8.5×11″ Plastic Displays you put in the Real Estate offices? Also, what is your opinion on Leadboxes? I have 12 new plastic leadboxes that hold a 4×6″ display that I bought at a garage sale (the guy used to own a marketing business). Anyway I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use them since there is only 12 and I got them cheap.
    I run bootcamps and was thinking about offering a free month to the winner and only pick winner each month and give 2 free weeks to the rest of the contestants.

    • Hi Ruston,

      I will work on finding a photo of those clear stand-ups, but I think lead boxes are a good idea since they can’t hurt and will build your brand in your community at the very least. I would definitely offer a free month (or 2 weeks intro).

      Just make sure you email everyone that fills out their name and email and offer them something free as well, such as one free bootcamp class, etc. Plus, you can keep them on your list and continue to make them special offers until they buy or unsubscribe.

      Good luck and let us know how it goes!

  • Tyler Savoy

    Hi Stephen

    As indicated in the October post, you recommended placing doorhangers on the same 1500 homes 4 weeks later, as per your marketing calendar. Is there a different doorhanger that you use, with different info/text? I am wondering about the “credibility” if people see the same thing over again so soon…especially the heading “Will You Be 1 of the 90?”, and also the same “Special Offer”. Thanks!


    • Hi Tyler,

      Thanks for the question and they are the same doorhanger – there is no reason to change up a marketing piece that works!

      There will be no loss of credibility and we still use that doorhanger and rack card to this day. We sold over 7 NEW client packages in the last week using that rack card and doorhanger (that’s another $3,500+ in NEW recurring revenue every month).

      I’m not sure what else to say except it works… really really really well ; )

  • Tyler Savoy

    Hi Stephen,
    When you place the doorhangers on 1,500 doors January 4th, will you place them on the SAME doors again on February 3rd or different homes?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Tyler,

      Good question, and yes, I will continue to repeat the same 1,500-2,000 homes within 1/4-1/2 a mile radius surrounding my studio.

      Keep in mind that 80% of your clients will come within a 10 minute walk (if you train in the city) or 10 minute drive (if you train outside of the studio).

      This is why I also tell people that you really shouldn’t be wasting your marketing dollars trying to target 20,000 people!

      How many people do you really need to market to in order to get 100 clients?

      My research has shown that you should be able to carve out 3-5% market share within your location. Therefore, if you get 5% of your neighbors to choose you over your competitor you only need to market to 2,000 people

      This is what I do and the repitition of my Guerilla marketing tactics allow me to become the go-to guy when my neighbors are ready to begin training. It really works!

  • Cameron Makarchuk

    Hey Stephen, How do you go about approaching the other businesses to leave your rack cards and/or posters there?

    • Hi Cameron,

      I’m going to create a whole post on this showing you exactly what I say and how I go about approaching small businesses so that you can copy this specific system.

      It’ll be up in less than 2 weeks!

  • P.S. I never go back and edit or PROOF my member content posts…

    It takes too long and in the time spent proofing I could answer more of your questions on the member blog posts.

    You’ll have to just forgive me and my “hunt & peck” typing style… I swear I have mastered the English language even if it doesn’t alway appear that way from my typing skills : )

  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the comments.

    1. 8.5×11 photo copied flyers are just kind of cheap looking and if you’re tyring to come off as a professional, it doesn’t create that connection.

    2. Rack cards and postcards are only about 5 cents more to produce.

    3. Repsonse rates vary wildly depending on what you’re offering.

    4. Never try to sell anything from your ads – always GIVE to get. Free offer, gift, etc

    5. I believe getting as much marketing material out into the community as possible – just keep hitting your residents with new pieces every 4-6 weeks… it’s just a numbers game and eventually when people are ready they’ll contact you.

  • Steve Mutzigr

    Great resources so far. I have already begun to use several of your tactics and model some of your ideas.

    In regards to door hangers in the neighborhoods, what is a good response for every 100 or so you place out in terms of conversions. Also how about the rack cards on cars?

    Do you use the rack cards instead of flyers because of a higher perceived value or is it you just don’t like flyers or think they pull well.

    Again, great info here. Thanks for your response.