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This is the exact email my team and I use every time we need to pick up a new client, or two, when we have a client leave. It’s amazing and this email just flat out works! In this post I explain the psychology of exactly why it works and why you won’t want to tamper with it too much. Just change the underlined words to match your specific wording and send it out… If you or any of your team members need another 1, 2, or 3 clients fast, blast this email out today!

Here’s the reason why this email works so well:

1. I send it out to all of my clients, but I send each one individually with their name.

2. I tell them specifically why I’m asking for a referral (I had a client leave on business – not because they wanted to stop training… that’s important since you don’t want your clients to think people are jumping ship).

3. I mention who they should ask (friends, family, coworkers – this will get them thinking).

4. I tell them why I am asking them and praise them at the same time (I enjoy training people like you who work hard).

5. I thank them in advance (this almost forces them to act on what I am asking…).

6. I tell them I look forward to seeing them during our next session (This should get them thinking and working on your referral before that time. During that next session you should also hand them 3-5 business cards, rack cards, or plastic cards with your referral coupon on the back to give to their potential referrals. You should also tell them you will reward them with something…).

So now that you know the psychology behind why my #1 referral email works let’s check out the email and see how everything flows together naturally:

Hi Bob,

I just wanted to let you know I had a client move to New York on business so I now have 2 open session times in my schedule. I wanted to know if you had any friends, family, or coworkers who would be interested in taking that time. Steve (owner/manager) said he would help me fill that time, but I thought I’d ask you first since I enjoy training people like yourself and was hoping you may know somebody like you who is looking to get results and work hard. Can you think of anyone… I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks again in advance and I’ll see you at our next session!

Committed to your success,

Coach Cabral, CSCS, CPT, NS
Founder of Stephen Cabral Studio
Address Line 1
Address Line 2


(Just copy and paste the email above into a Word Document and replace the underlined words. Then send out individualized emails to every one of your clients by just changing the name in each email.)

Keep in mind that this type of an email can only be sent out once or twice a year (at max). The 2nd time you send it out to your personal clients you would need to switch up the writing just a touch so that they don’t think you just copy and paste this template each time ; )

Also, your CPTs can do exactly the same since their clients are different from your client base.

Of course, this works best for semi-private, small group, and 1-on-1, but bootcamp referrals are easy (we’ve all heard of the 2 free weeks, plastic gift cards, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.).

Try this out and let me know how quickly it worked for you!


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  • Here’s another tip:

    Once one of my new CPTs gets to 25 sessions or so booked per week (about 12 clients) I have him/her send out this email asking for referrals.

    Typically (after they follow up in person) they get between 1-3 new referred clients over the next few weeks (about 5 more sessions per week). The cool thing is that this costs us $0 in advertising and we just give the referrer a gift of some type (supplements, massage, or restaurant gift certificate).

    Plus, by putting the referral bug in your client’s ear they will continue to mention your name whenever they hear about someone interested in training with “a trainer.”

    I hope you enjoy the same success we’ve had by using this powerful little email!