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Here is the top company for purchasing fitness towels. They allow you to put your logo right on the towel for no extra charge or set up fees. Plus, they have a super fast turn around time and they guarantee that their prices will beat that of any competitor. Check out what we ordered for our studio clients this year:

I’ve done a lot of research on this one since the #1 request of all of our clients is a small towel they can use to wipe sweat from their face when they’re working out. Since we don’t offer towel service (and neither should you) we originally gave all new clients one studio branded towel.

It was a full sized beach towel, which they could lay over an ab mat on the floor, etc.

However, it turns out that people would rather just have a smaller 15×25 hand towel they could use to wipe their sweat and carry around with them easily.

Well, it’s been a few years since we bought towels (we do a different gift every year around the holidays and buy extras to have on hand for all new clients). So, this year we’re bringing back the studio towels by popular demand!

(Plus, we’re officially out of the old ones…)

Like I said, after a lot of research I found this company which is able to turn around orders in just 2 weeks. Plus, they don’t make you buy 200-300 at a time if you don’t want. (We do order 200 though, since there is a price break and so that we have extras for new clients coming in over the following year)

Here is the company we are now using:

Rally Towels

>>> http://www.rallytowels.com/handfitnesstowels.html

I also linked it directly to the “hand fitness towels” we are getting, so that you wouldn’t have to search around the website. Of course, you can look around the rest of the site for their other items as well.

One word of caution is that although they have cheaper towel for sale I found out that they are only meant for waving around as a “rally towel” for promotional events – not for long term use (and washings).

We decided on the black towels and we’re going with a one color (grey) logo imprint to save money. Although, adding another color is only $.15 more per towel…

The other great thing is that this company will BEAT any other competitor’s price – they literally saved me over $230 from going with another company.

I hope this post helps save you a few hundred dollars like it did for me when you go to purchase your own fitness towels!


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  • Joel Gottehrer

    just double checking, I just want to make sure I understood you correctly, are these towels made to wave around or are they made to wipe your sweat off. You kind of confused me. with the “one word of caution” thanks for your time

    • Hi Joel,

      They do make the “waving around kind,” but I bought the fitness hand towels which are a much better quality and can be washed multiple times.

      Just got them in today and they are great – especially for the price!

  • Cameron Makarchuk

    this is great! I’ve been looking for a place to get small towels from.