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I just hired a new intern to help with some of my online personal training marketing projects and believe it or not the process was fairly easy and painless. I posted an internship advertisement on this new “intern only” website and within 24 hours I had over 13 applicants! Here’s how you can do the same:

Here’s the new website I’m talking about:


It’s called “Barefoot Student” and they allow you to post ads for FREE or PAID Internships.

Just like CraigsList it costs $25 per ad, but to me I think it’s a heck of a deal… especially if you’re getting an intern to work for free or $8/$10 an hour!

I actually got less SPAM and better applicants from Barefoot Student than I did from placing an ad on CraigsList (which really surprised me since I had never heard of them before).

Also, they have students and non-students looking for internships for everything under the sun, so take this as an opportunity to outsource some of your tasks and at the same time help a student build up their experience and their portfolio.

I hope you enjoy and use the new resource!


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  • Hi Daniel,

    Good question and the interns I’m talking about here were for graphic design, web design and other in house work.

    I’ve used this service a few times and they have excellent customer support. I also customize each post based on what type of intern I am looking for. Typically, I post internships for 90 days, but sometimes a little longer.

    Hope this helps!

  • Daniel Salazar

    Hi Stephen,

    Did you use the same exact craigs list ad on barefoot student?

  • John Donaghey

    Hello Stephen,

    do you know of an equivalent site for international people? I am based in Sydney Australia and cannot find an equivalent site.

    Great little tip by the way.



    • Hi John,

      I have no idea how internships work outside of the US. Do interns have to be paid in Australia? I’m sure you can easily do a Google search on that…

      Do any of our UK, Australian or other International clients know this answer and can help John out?

  • Just for the record I pay my interns $8.00/hour…

    It’s a personal preference where I just like to pay people something for their time and let them know that although I know they are taking this internship to build their resume I do value their time and dedication.

    You can choose either route on this website and in your business – Free or Paid.