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One of the biggest questions CPTs have is how they can add supplement sales to their clients on a consistent basis… After trying literally everything, I’ve come up with the only solution that I believe works in the long run. Here’s what I do:

Since you are a Smart Studio Systems Insider I’m about to not hold anything back and give it to your straight…

People who say they sell $5,000 a month (every month) in supplements are a rarity.

Yes, there are people who do it, but it takes a long time to build up, is typically done through MLM, and it is a full-time business.

However, there is another way.

I sell over a thousand dollars worth of supplements a month based on a few principles I’ve come to learn.

1.You should only sell supplements you believe in
For example I didn’t start selling any of the Jim and Jayson’s products until they took the “filler carbs” out of their whey protein. I also wanted a straight whey protein isolate or at least the main ingredient…

2.Don’t carry dozens of products
I only carry a whey protein, fish oil, multi, and a few other supplements 80% of people will benefit the most from. Remember, if you recommend everything no one will believe you when you say this is the right supplement for them.


3.You have to sell them online as well as offline to your studio members and get them on an autoship program
Why? I found this out the hard way… I was selling supplements to my studio members at a pretty good pace until things started to slow down. Then I realized what had happened – all my clients were purchasing the items I recommended online at a cheaper price then I had marked them up at!

This is why I switched over to Jim and Jayson’s products. I know both those guys and they are top notch professionals. Plus, their supplements I something I can stand behind and feel confident recommending which in my opinion is the most important thing in selling supplements…

When it comes to selling supplements the choice is yours, but I’ve found it easy to get paid 30% commissions on my sales by using their website – they provide the customer service and I just collect checks. Plus, they pay about 20% more than any other company I found in commissions. AND, I don’t have to pay the sales tax on anything my clients buy… another bonus come tax time.

If selling supplements fits within your training philosophy and you’d like to add a new revenue stream to your business (even another $100 – $200 a month is nice) then check out Jim and Jayson’s products at the link below:
ProGrade Supplement Details for Personal Trainer Only

Also, Jim and Jayson are good guys and I’m sure they’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the quality of the products or how to best sell them to your clients. And, they offer an email autoresponder series you can send out to your studio members and online clients.

You could probably even print out these emails and leave them as articles in your studio (Just remember to set up a new domain name to forward to your sales page).

Lastly, don’t be like most CPTs and have a complex about making a few dollars by recommending quality supplements you believe in to your clients… You deserve to be paid for your research and recommendations that will save them hours of looking on their own and most likely choosing a poor quality supplement that may not even be safe for them (I learned this the hard way when one of my clients went into GNC for whey protein and walked out with ephedrine – yikes!)

I hope all of this makes sense!


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  • For anyone who wants a full list of the supplements I sell in my studio here they are:

    Whey protein isolate
    Fruit/Vegetable capsules
    Stress B-Complex (with Vit C)
    Fish Oil (liquid and soft gels)

    There are about a dozen others I like such as Turmeric, CoQ10, Psyllium, BCAA’s, Vegetarian protein powder, etc., but at some point you have to draw the line…