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Don’t you wish you could just publish and host a non-blog website for free? Me too… Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way, BUT I can help you save a lot of money by using this company! Click below to find out who it is  ->

Okay, to be honest there’s hundreds of companies to choose from and many allow you to host multiple sites for like $10 a year…

Those companies scare me!

I NEED to know that the company hosting my site has been doing it for years and that they specialize in it. I don’t want some fly by night company to collect cash from a bunch of customers and then shut down erasing my website from the web and leaving me basically without a business…

That’s why I pay slightly more to work with a PROFESSIONAL webhosting company. Plus, this company is the cheapest out of all the REAL webhosting companies out there – at least the BIG ones that I know of (if I come across another that is better you’ll be the FIRST to know).

Here’s who I use:

>>> 1and1

You’ll recognize them from my article on “register your domain.”

They’ll register your domain cheaper than anyone else and then when you’re ready they’ll get your site up on the web!

Plus, you can use their sitebuilder to create a quick squeeze page or landing page free of charge (as of this posting)!

Big fan…

I also use Yahoo, but like I said in my “register your domain” post they’re more expensive (although their website builder program is cool).

Hope this information saves you some serious cash and MORE IMPORTANTLY future headaches from having to deal with shady internet companies…


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  • Hi Beki,

    Excellent question and I will write a seperate content article on this topic! Look for it soon in the Online Marketing category

  • Beki Liang

    hey stephen,
    do you have any recommendations as to what are ‘good’ website names and ‘bad’ website names? i have been told to keep it really short and sweet and others say i need to be more specific… what really works?