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In this video you can clearly make out the majority of my private studio as well as get to see me “in the act” of training a client (Sarah from my YouTube videos). You can see how the camera is positioned for the video in order for us to demonstrate the exercise (you can use these techniques to film your own short workout videos for sale or as bonuses for current client). Plus, you’ll get to see how a lot of the equipment is laid out for the studio and how I “set up” my training area before getting my client into their superset, tri-set, or circuit. Check it out!

In the 1st video you can pretty much see my entire studio except for a squat rack and a bunch of “functional” equipment tucked around the corner to the right of the dumbbells in the background. Also, behind the camera off to the right you would find my office as well as 3 other Free Motion single cable towers we use for private and group training.

Plus, in this video you get to see the scale of the studio width as I take Sarah through a beginner/intermediate core workout for our viewers.

Check it out now and then be sure to watch the full length video tour of my studio where I outline everything step by step!


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  • Terry Ford

    Hey Coach, we’ve been waiting since May to see the video – any chance it’s going to arrive in August?

    • Hi Terry,

      I apologize about the delay and that’s the issue with letting people know what you have planned… sometimes things can get delayed depending on the circumstances and you look like the bad guy. Right now, I am waiting on my videographer to get me the final edits he said he had done…

      I know everyone wants to see them and I’m hustling to get on my video guy… I’ll get them up as soon as possible!

  • I just got the word from my videographer that the videos have been fully edited!

    I will have the first copies of my studio tour video next week after he mails them out. From there I will approve them and then they will be sent to production. The files may be huge, but it’s possible that I may be able to upload them as well.

    I will keep you posted!

  • David McIlhenney

    How tall are your ceilings? Do you think it is vital to have over 8ft ceilings for Box Jumps, a Large Power rack and pull-ups etc?

    • Hi David,

      My ceilings are exactly 8 feet.

      We have 6’3” guys doing box jumps no problem… they just can’t stand up when they land! Also, pull-up/power racks fit just fine. However, some pieces (like the lifefitness multi-cable piece) will not fit in an 8′ height space…

      Obviously 9’+ ceilings would be ideal, but that’s not always an option.

      We make do just fine…

  • Terry Ford

    Would love to see the video – is it coming soon???

  • Cary Holder

    reloaded Adobe Flash 10 and everything’s fine now! 🙂

  • Cary Holder

    I can’t see anything at asll, just a big white square with an icon in the top left corner