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Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 5.45.11 PMWe all know how valuable the Guerilla Marketing materials used in Smart Studio Systems can be to systematically building your fitness business through new client sign-ups. And now that you have my private designs to model off of, all you need is a high quality printer that can get your marketing material out to you fast at a great price. Check out the new printer I found in the UK.

Hi UK S3 Members!

Although, I still prefer my printers in the US to do all the marketing material printing, I did find a new printer across the pond that can do the work I promote in Smart Studio Systems for you.

This is their website:

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 8.33.47 AMAlso, they have their own version of rack cards at this link:

Although the rack cards are slightly smaller they will still work just as well, and they’re at a great price. I believe it’s only 60 Euros for 1,000 rack cards. That’s a great deal!

Keep in mind that if you still want to use the company that I work with, they will ship Internationally, but it does cost a little more money to ship (obviously).

That website is:

And, of course all the crazy Canadians can check out this post I have on marketing material printers:

Remember, these printers print the same (usually better) marketing pieces as your local print shop, but are typically 50% CHEAPER. This will save you hundreds (probably thousands) of dollars a year in printing if you’re someone that purchases these items that I recommend:

Rack Cards

Business Cards

Post Cards

Door Hangers

… Foldable business cards, banners, stand up displays, event tickets, etc.

* Type in any of those keywords in the search box to find my personal designs.

You can have your graphic designer recreate these for your company using my exact design (which many S3 Members do), or you can try converting it to a Word doc using PDF to Word (free online program). Or, you can also buy a cool software program called PDF Editor, which I’m pretty sure allows you to edit actual PDFs…

So, either way you have options that won’t cost you very much to get started, but will hopefully help produce BIG Results in branding and building your business through increased clientele.

I hope this helps and if any of our UK (or Australian and others as well!) S3 Members use another reputable and reliable company let us know in the comment area!



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