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Here’s a great resource that will help you edit my PDFs if you want to do it yourself. Most of the time I’ll have my designer do all of that for me after I hand off my concept and elements I want in the marketing piece, but you can choose to do it by yourself. It’s easy once you have the template…

I haven’t used this product before, BUT they offer a 100% money back guarantee and after doing about an hour of research they seem like they’re the best.

Plus, you can download the software and start editing today!


 I also think they let you change a PDF into ANY type of Doc…

By the way, I don’t make anything of this software program, so if anyone else knows of another please feel free to leave the name of it in the comment section below!

Let me know how it goes!

 (The reason many of my marketing pieces are PDFs is because that is how printers want them sent in and they are typically created in Quark or PhotoShop – you just can’t create great advertisements using WORD as the original template… it’s just too limited)

12/12/09 UPDATE:

I was doing a little Christmas shopping today when I came across a product that does EXACTLY what we’re looking for!

It’s called “PDF Converter Professional 6”

>>> PDF Converter Professional 6 by Nuance

(I don’t make any money selling this software – I just want to help you to be able to easily edit my PDF marketing materials since you can’t really create a professional advertisement in Word or Excel)

The funny thing is that when I was consulting for health clubs I remember sitting down with one business owner and watching him open up the PDFs I sent him by email and editing them right in the PDF. He was using this exact program 3 years ago! It just dawned on me now.

Plus, I believe that you don’t even need to convert the PDFs into docs with this software. You literally just open up the PDF you want to edit with this PDF Convert Professional 6 and then you can change the text or images to meet your needs.

This means you can customize the marketing materials and business forms for bootcamps, athletic training, youth fitness, kettlebell mania, or you name it!

Here’s what I’m going to do…

I’ll purchase the software next week and try it out myself as the guinea pig to make sure it works. But, if it’s the same one I remember seeing this club owner use (I’m 92% sure) this software is magical…

Seriously, if this kind of power fell into the wrong hands a lot of evil could be done with it… If you purchase it, just make sure to use its powers for good and not evil.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about you have a very pure mind (and that’s a good thing my friend)…



This is why I always say to check back into posts on this website for new comments, etc.

I just found a website that does free PDF conversions to “docs”!!!

Okay, it’s not perfect, but I tried it twice and you can use my designs (on this site) and then convert them to Word Docs to be edited.

I found that you will need to change the font styles and sizes, but for the most part it does work. Of course, it’s not as good as the Converter Pro that I mentioned above, but for the price it may be worth trying out…

Check it out below:

>>> http://www.zamzar.com/



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  • Travis Stoetzel

    have you got any more info on the software you used to edit the pdf’s?? thanks!

    • Hi Travis,

      The best I’ve used so far is the one in the link above… I’ve just found it to be the most versatile for non-designers to use. If anyone know of another please feel free to toss it out for all of us to check out…

      Hope that helps-

  • Hi Hans,

    The programs I recommended will not edit images, but you can replace the image in a PDF with one of your own.

    I use Photoshop for heavy duty editing or just the free microsoft programs that come loaded on your computer for small stuff like cropping…

  • Hans Hageman

    Is it possible to also edit the photos with this software?

  • Troy Johnston

    If anyone is a Mac guy – try this program. I tried it out last night and it is great! PDF Pen by SmileOnMyMac.com. I was able to reproduce the Coffee-cup-sleeve to all of my information in about 45 minutes (I never had to hit the help button once!) Pretty good program for those running OSX (a little learning curve, but not bad).