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Follow me as I give you an MTV style guided tour of my studio where I take you step-by-step into how I run and set up my operation. A lot people can’t believe I’m able to have 4 CPTs and 4 clients workout on the less than 500 sq ft of fitness floor in my studio, but it’s all about having the right systems in place and training everyone the right way! Since it’s often times easier to visualize what someone is talking about when you can get a clear view of the space being described I had my videographer come to my studio and shoot every square inch of my training studio. I also asked him to keep the video “raw” and unedited so that you could imagine yourself taking the tour along side of me… And since I NEVER give tours of my studio to non-Smart Studio System or Mentorship Members this video tour is priceless -> Check it out now!

Smart Studio Systems Member Exclusive:

I had the videos broken up into scenes because I felt it would be easiest for you to return to the portions that you felt you needed to review without having to watch the full guided tour each time (I’m always thing of you ; )

Plus, the 4+ scenes break down how I methodically set up my small studio space in order to systemitize everything so that it could run like a well-oiled machine whether I was there or not… this is extremely important if you enjoy taking time off and don’t want to micro-manage your team.

Let’s get right into the videos which took absolutely forever to get chopped up, packaged, sent over to me, proofed, re-edited for format, uploaded, and now to you (I sincerely apologize about any delay). So without further adeu here are the detailed videos touring my studio!

Scene #1: “Setting the Stage”

Scene #2: “Inside the Studio”

Scene #3: “The Consultation Office”

Scene #4: “My Office”

Scene #5: “Bonuses”

* Please go to for updates and to download my Studio Equipment List (complete with reference guide pricing)!

Please leave any comments or questions below and I will be happy to respond back to you!

(Also, I will be making this and the other DVDs available in the future so that if you’d rather watch them on your TV you will be able to)


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  • Dustin Pelate

    Hi Stephen,

    Where did you purchase your flooring? I am moving locations to a place that has about 800 sq ft of work out space and really like the flooring you picked.

    • I used Talty flooring. They work in New England – it’s a local company.

      However, you can also order online at:

      You can compare prices and quality grades on these sites before pulling the trigger.

      Hope this helps and saves you some time researching!

  • John Donaghey

    Hello Stephen,

    well done for organising your studio in such a neat presentable way. I have a studio that is on the ground floor of an office building and it is 60sqm or roughly 660 sq ft. It is an open room with no other small rooms off it.

    I like how you have your office set up privately and your consultation room. However I do not have that option. It is okay for the moment as I do not have other trainers working for me but do you have any ideas as to how I could set up my studio for consultations or to have a little office space. At the minute I have a small desk against one wall with my laptop and various bits and pieces but I would feel a bit weird having all my manuals and folders out in the open for everyone to see or is that silly.

    Thanks again for sharing this info for me.

    • Hi John,

      I’ve consulted for dozens of studios that haven’t had a private consult area. That is no problem at all. You can just have a small desk in the corner like you mentioned. Or what we’ve done is just grab 2 stabiolity balls and talk with clients that way during a consult.

      The one thing I would highly recommend is that you NEVER put your business forms in plain sight of clients. That is a NO-NO…

      Best of luck and once you get full yourself make sure you hire your first team member – this will allow you to eventually take time off, get your sessions covered, and make money while you’re sipping protein shakes at the beach!

  • Cary Holder

    Hey Stephen,

    Thanks for the great perspective!

  • Cary Holder

    Hi Stephen,
    Does your 500 sq ft include showers and locker rooms?

    • Hi Cary,

      In the videos you’ll see and hear me explain everything the studio includes (494 feet of fitness floor and just about 200 ft of 2 offices, a changing room, and a bathroom).

      We’ve had a few clients want showers, but to me the trade off just isn’t worth. The maintenance and upkeep is more than I’d like. Plus, I choose a residential area for that reason – people can go home to clean up.

      I don’t have an issue with others who do have showers, but I can tell you that from my experience we’ve only lost about 4-5 people over the past 4 years by not having a shower.

      You also have to keep in mind that clients will then need soap, shampoo, towels, etc. You’ll also need to clean up often in the locker room… and you’ll probably need lockers. All this adds up to at least 300 – 500 feet per men’s and women’s locker room. That would be the size of my entire studio just in changing room space!

      It’s something to at least consider…

  • Joel Gottehrer

    Hi Stephen, I was wondering if you can make the videos to be able to download on our desktops, I sometimes dont have internet connection or I am on the road and if I could import it into my laptop or ipod would be awesome. Like for instance now i dont have time to sit at my office computer cause I am running to a client but i would have been able to watch it if it was on my laptop in the taxi. thanks in advance I know you try hard to please us

    • Hi Joel,

      Unfortunately I can’t… These are private S3 Member only videos that I have to keep contained to the website.

      However, once you renew your membership you’ll be automatically shipped this Studio Tour DVD free of charge. At that point you can watch it or download it to iTunes, etc.

      Hope that helps!