Save THOUSANDS on Printing Costs!

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save money on marketing

save money on marketing

S3 Members can now save THOUSANDS on printing costs by using my highly researched and battle-tested printing press companies. Using these resources I have been able to double my advertising and still stay within my budget!

I have literally gone through a dozen printing houses. Some had great quality, but slow turn around, others printed pieces off-center, and many more just had pushy customer service. BUT, for the past year I’ve had fantastic success with this new company.

Here’s who I use for most of my offline printing (they’re great!):


When I first started out I also used Postcard Mania for mailing postcards, but now that NextDay Flyers has added a mailing department I just use them. Plus I save $200-300 with every order.

Here are some other companies I have used:

>>> business cards

>>> (great quality)



9/27 Update

I just found a new company called “Email Printing” that looks very promising. They also seem to be the least expensive option and some of the deals are so crazy that just picking up 1-2 clients a year would pay for an entire 12 months of doorhangers, rach cards, and business cards.

Here is their website (I’ll be testing them out soon, but I wanted you to be the first to know):

If you’ve never done any “flyering” I highly recommend putting rack cards (4×9″) in cafes, on cars, grocery food stores, etc., and putting 1,000 – 2,000 doorhangers out in your community (if you live the city). This few hundred dollar investment should easily get you at least 2-3 clients which will more than triple your investment that very first month (just use my proven template).

Enjoy the updated resources!



P.S. There is nothing wrong with still going with or (International Members), but I thought I’d present another option for you…

PPS. Whenever you decide to go and try out a new printing house always go with an expensive “run” to test out their quality, turn around time, and customer service. I would also recommend not using them for a project you need done ASAP since they may not be reliable. The last recommendation I would give you is to potentially test run a marketing piece like a rack card that you already have done, but need more of. This will allow for a side-by-side comparison when the new company’s print comes in…

PPPS. I still use and will continue to use since they have been the best for my business in terms of ease of use, turn around time, quality, and customer service… but I will let you know if that changes since I’m always on the lookout for your business and mine; )



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  • Ruston Webb

    I wanted to know how worked out for you? I am about to order flyers, postcards, rack cards and door hangers and wanted to make sure that the printing quality was comparable (or better) than Nextdayflyers and Hotcards….etc.


    • Hi Ruston,

      I did like, but decided to stick with has great customer service, super fast turn around, quality printing, and they even shipped me out a new batch of business cards for free when I told them that some of the cards were miss-cut on an order.

      I have literally saved well over $10,000 by going with the companies listed above over companies I previously used when I was working as a consultant for other health clubs and gyms.

      These relatively unknown printing firms are just crushing local print houses like OfficeMax, Staples, etc that charge 10x what these other guys are doing online with no physical locations that would cause them to have higher overhead markups…

      Regardless, in the end small businesses like us win!