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I have gotten a few requests to review the training videos I did before we opened up the Smart Studio Systems licenses. If you’d like to watch those business building success videos you can check them out at the links below:

I’d also recommend just grabbing a pen and paper before you view them again.

I personally don’t like to watch videos more than once since there’s so much more information to get your hands on… Here’s what I do to save time and only read/watch things once. I take outline based notes that I’ll be able to just review the highlights or I’ll even write down the exact moment (ex. 4:46 into the video) to review (and implement) later. Plus, I’ll add action steps of how to use them as I move along…

Feel free to use your own short hand method that works for you!

Here are the links:

Video #1:
Video #2:
Video #3:

Enjoy the videos!


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  • David Knapp

    Can not access videos hit link and I just sit
    Dave Knapp

    • Hi Dave,

      We’ve found that anyone with a slower internet connection has trouble viewing the videos (the links above are for the free ones – not member only).

      What I recommend is clicking play and then hit pause (instructions listed on video page) and then wait for the video to download.

      I also went ahead and put a 2nd smaller video (less MBs) at the bottom of those video pages for anyone with a slower connection to view.

      95% of people can view the videos so I’m not sure of anything else I could do…

  • Frank Welling

    I am unable to access the videos. Is anyone else having trouble with this?

    • Hi Frank, I just retested all the links (and videos) and they seem to be working fine.

      I’m not sure what the issue is, but I would try copying and pasting the links right into your url bar…