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S3 Members Private Content

This S3 private resource content section is dedicated to saving you hundreds (or more!) of dollars per year! We’ll all be sharing our best money saving resources on where to buy office supplies, certain studio equipment pieces, uniforms, and much more… check it out now!

This post came about because Steve Conca (one of our S3 Members) sent me over a link for printer ink refills at 50% – what a deal!

Anyone who does a lot of printing will find this to be a very valuable resource… I probably spend about $110 a month in ink.

So here’s how to use this section:

If you have a contact or website that offers discount pricing that is lower then anything you’ve come across please feel free to share it with the S3 Communit – what goes around comes around and I’m sure we all have connections or resources that can help!


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  • Chad Smith

    I am a wholesale distributor for Fundamental Fitness Products ( Any kind of equipment you see on the website, I can provide at a a savings of 10-40%, evn on small orders. Compile your product list and send it to for a quote within 48 hours.

  • Thanks Shondelle!

  • Shondelle Solomon is SUPER cheap for full color flyer, newsletter, holiday card printing etc.

  • I use a local screenprinting shop that does high school athletic uniforms, but S3 Member Bobby Kelly recommended this company to save on shirts, etc:

  • Please NO affiliate links – thanks ; )

  • Here’s what Steve Conca sent me:

    Here is something you can put into the smart studio system program as a huge sayings. I have a Dell laser color printer and usually cartirdges are over 70 a pop. I just ordered one for 39 and it works perfectly with the same amount of ink as a standard Dell. They have all the compatable brands for every copier and printer you can think of at a fraction of the cost.