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Don’t wait to register your domain name! Use this resource to register names you have been wanting to secure… it’s cheap, fast, and easy! Plus, I’ll share with you how I save hundreds of dollars a year on registration and hosting fees!!!

Everybody recommends Yahoo and GoDaddy to register your new domain names, but I’m going to let all my S3 Members in a dirty little secret…

Yahoo only charges about $9.95 the 1st year, BUT then they jack it up to $35.95 every year after! Are they SERIOUS!!!

To make matters worse, Yahoo charges you to keep your domain information (your home address) private.

I ordered about 15 domain names from them one year and when I found out about this I wasn’t too happy to say the least…

(Yahoo isn’t all bad, though, since I do have a few sites hosted with them. They also do a great job, but they’re about 2x as much money)

Also, GoDaddy is good, but they’re still more expensive then my favorite…

Okay, here’s who I use:


(You can also host your site with them DIRT CHEAP!)

So why do I have such a love affair with them? One, they only charge $6.95 the first year and then only $8.95 for additional years. Second, they INCLUDE private domain registration. Third, they offer free email. Fourth, 1and1 gives you a free started site (to be fair Yahoo does too). Fifth, when you’reready to take your site live their hosting fees are SUPER low compared to the competition.

Remember what I said about looking for companies who only specialize in ONE particular field… 1and1 is the bomb when it comes to web domain registration and website hosting.

If you have a domain registering addiction like I do this tip will save you a few hundred dollars…