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Many of you have been asking for me to dig deeper into your businesses and help you out on a more personal 1-on-1 basis. As you know I answer EVERY one of your questions on this website, but more than a few of you have requested an in depth coaching call about your website, client conversion process, marketing piece reviews, studio location advice, hiring CPTs, as well as many other concerns.

Most of you now know that I gave up private consulting about 3 years ago because of how some of the larger health clubs I coached completely abused my systems (I won’t even go into how they also abused the CPTs I hired and trained for them…). They did this even after I routinely TRIPLED their non-dues revenue within a year (usually within 6 months) and hired and trained their entire sales team and trainers.

But, that’s old news…

What you may not know is that I still currently work with a only handful of private clients around the world helping to grow their offline and online businesses (some are totally unrelated to fitness, but business is business).

The program I offer is completely customized according to each client’s needs, but the format typically remains the same for all coaching clients since it has worked well for many years now.

What I offer is (2) 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching calls per month as well as 2 follow up emails where I outline the best action plan for you to take and implement before our next call.

The calls are usually set up every other week to allow you to put the plan in place and report back to me with progress and questions, so that we can continue to refine the processes and systems in order for you to grow your business.

The private coaching program lasts for 6 calls or roughly 3 months (it can be renewed upon request after the 3 months).

The program investment is just $497 per month, and at this time is currently sold out. (All private calls are guaranteed to at least double your investment)

However, in the future I will be opening it up to Smart Studio System Members at this preferred price. The reason is that I want to help you grow your business and I’m willing to do whatever it takes. Obviously, I there are only so many hours in the day and I currently still train 35 sessions per week, writing a new book chapter every 2 weeks, doing current coaching calls, write daily for my paid assignments, manage my studio, etc. (and that’s just before 8:00am ; )

All joking a side, I will be opening up 1-2 Private Phone Coaching Spots at the S3 Preferred Pricing of just $497 a month. This will be by application only since I’m not doing this for the money – Remember, whenever I take on a new phone coaching client something else that I get paid for in my schedule has to go or be moved…

The other reason I’ll be opening up 1-2 more spots is that I really enjoy talking 1-on-1 with serious fitness professionals looking to grow their business! It’s the same thrill I get from training clients, which is what I tell everyone every time they ask me why I still train clients and not just manage all my businesses…

So, if you’re interested in being sent my Private Phone Coaching Application please leave your name in the comment section below or email me at with the subject line “Private Phone Coaching Application.”

At that point we’ll send you and application and then when there is an opening we will potentially offer you one of the openings.

Talk with you soon and also be on the lookout for brand new upcoming S3 Member Only Posts and Resources!

Committed to your success,

Coach Cabral, CSCS, CPT, NS
Founder of Smart Studio Systems
Health Consultant for MTV, Men’s Health, NutritionData, Dietcom, Gather, EDGE


For Smart Studio Systems Members that I have already pre-approved for Private Success Phone Coaching please use your S3 Seminar Preferred Pricing option link below to reserve your spot:

> Click here to reserve your private phone coaching spot (*must be pre-approved)

*This an exclusive S3 Offer and only available for Smart Studio Systems Members


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