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Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 1.32.27 PMThis is a MONSTER exclusive S3 Memeber post where you’re going to go inside of my fitness business and see how we manage our team. You’re actually going to get over a dozen “memos” alone on this post that take you into the personal side of my business. You’ll see how I talk, motivate, and ask my team to bring out their best. You won’t find this anywhere else and please feel free to model these memos and topics for your own weekly emails to your team:

Hi S3 Members!

I’m back with a new post on essentially how I talk to my team in order to get everyone on the same page… this allows us to consistently do between 1,090 – 1,200 sessions a month. Never less… sometimes more!

Consistency and low to no turnover is what it’s all about. That goes for both your clients AND your team members. I would even argue it’s far more important to keep your team members happy, since if they leave they may take 25 clients with them.


Therefore, we hold weekly team meetings, contests, bonuses, team dinners out 2x a year, and these weekly memos.

Enjoy the examples below and let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below!

(NOTE: As you’ll see in many of my memos to my team that is I’m going to criticize them I use the “sandwich technique.” This is the only way to do it. This means that I first compliment them for what they have done well, then I critique them on what they could do better, and then I compliment them again. Basically, I’m stroking their ego, then taking a little shot at it, then stroking it again. This helps with compliance and let’s them know you still love them, but you’re trying to help them grow ; )



Nice work Wolf!

Remember, if you haven’t already done so always to follow up by email the day after you meet with a new client. All this needs to be is a simple email thanking them for coming in and deciding to get started on their path to their specific goal. Let them know you are excited about getting them in for their first session and that you’ve already designed their program.

This is how you start building a strong relationship and creating a client for life. Success is not complicated… it’s getting all the small things right. But, that’s why so few people are successful – they’re not willing to do all of the small things.

Stay focused and keep up the great work!



By my fitness manager.

Subject: 1,200 Session Goal

Hi Team,

TGIM. Thank God It’s Monday! Another week to be of service to our clients and change the world!

We had a great 1st 7 days considering that Steve was out a few days and that Julia is in PR (Julia, you better bring us all back some mofongo).

Through the 1st seven days, we are at 282! That is better than our September weekly average, but still not at our 300 session/week ability.

As times open up during the week, please email your clients to get them in that extra time (whether it be to get them transitioned into their new program or just to help them get into gear).

It’s going to take a full team effort to hit 1,200 sessions and get those new pair of shoes. November and December will be tough with people taking time off for the holidays, so this is our only chance. Let’s hit this!

Lastly, our newbie Wolf has just passed his 1st 90 days here at SCS. He survived! I wanted to congratulate him on the fact that his 1st 3 clients finished their 1st packages and all 3 renewed. We all know how tough it can be settling in to a new atmosphere. I am proud of him and he is truly becoming an integral part of Team SCS.

Keep up the great work guys and keep fighting the good fight!

I hope that everyone has a great week!

Julian Cardoos CPT, NS, KBC
Fitness Manager at Stephen Cabral Studio



By my fitness manager

Subject: March Contest Results

Hi Guys!

I wanted to take a moment and congratulate Mark for being our March leader and winner of our team contest!

Mark won decisively, increasing his monthly average by a whopping 41 sessions. BOOM! That is some serious training. I think I heard him saying that he was going for Jared’s record for most sessions trained in a month. Jared, what are you going to do about that?! ; )

In all seriousness, I just want to remind everyone that we really are doing something special here. I have worked for 5 different health clubs over the past 12 years and I have never been surrounded by a group of individuals that care about their clients as much as you guys do. It is amazing… and unique.

Remember, these contests are to keep things fun. I know that you all are always trying to get your clients in. You do not need a contest to do that. We recognize that, and that is why we believe so much in this team.

Health clubs run contests to drive sales. We have contests to try and take out the monotony of training clients day after day and to make things fun. Just remember, another way to do these things is to always focus on the clients needs, not ours. Before each session, take a small second to ask yourself… “how can I be of most service to this client?” “How can I remove myself from the session and focus on them more?”

These are a few things that help me stay focused and appreciate what I do on a daily basis.

With that said… Congratulations Mark!

What kind of shoes are you going to buy? Some Sketchers or the one’s with wheels in them? haha


Julian Cardoos CPT, NS, KBC
Fitness Manager at Stephen Cabral Studio

* I’ll be adding a TON of Memos so stay tuned!


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  • Sheila Townsend

    Hey Steve,
    These memos are great! Just wondering if you were going to post more I think you said you had 12 or so…
    Thanks for the great info!

    • Hi Sheila,

      Thanks! Yes, I’ll definitely post more. What topics would you like to see?