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There is simply NO faster way in the world to get clients to your website than through PPC traffic. I use Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Facebook – I’ve spent 3 years and thousands of dollars perfectly these methods… and after all that testing I’ve come up with 7 Must Do Rules – Here they are:

There’s a few rules you must first learn before doing PPC (pay per click).

RULE #1:You can lose your shirt if you don’t test
Having said that testing is really easy to do with Google Analytics and the trackign code they provide. Plus, you can even send them to a seperate domain name to be sure where your leads are coming from.

I also recommend putting a question on your online form that says “how did you hear about us?” AND, I always have my CPTs ask each new client specifically where they first saw our company advertised. THIS IS ESSENTIAL because you only want to invest advertising dollars in the areas where you are seeing a return.

RULE #2: Search traffic is DIFFERENT than content
What this means is that you can PPC advertise in the “search” part of Google (that’s where people actually type in your keywords and you appear in the top 3 on the page or on the right hand side bar). or in the content network (that’s the part when you’re on a non-Google web page and you see the same type of Google adwords below articles and on the right hand column.

RULE #3: Don’t use the PPC Content Network for Service Advertising
This is a really big tip that cost me thousands…

I was using a lot of PPC content advertising to market my ebook and online products, so I figured I could do the same thing and get great results for my studio… boy was I wrong.

Sure I got a lot of clicks, but they WEREN’T the type of client I was hoping to market to. Basically, I got a lot of clicks, spent a lot of money, but didn’t convert many people over to paying clients.

RULE #4: Pay more money to be in the “Search” adwords
I personally pay as much as I need to to be in the top 3 ads on the 1st page of Google for my specific keywords. I’m in a VERY competitive city, so I have to spend about $2.25 per click. YES, it’s a lot to spend per click, but I have my website optimized and I know my conversion rate. I know I’m also ONLY marketing to people who directly type in my EXACT keyword phrase.

This way here I know they are looking to get started and that they’re not just some tire-kicker wasting my time or money…

RULE #5: Start our SMALL
The 1st thing I recommend with ANY type of advertising is starting out small. Limit your daily PPC spending to just $5.00. Test it out and see what type of traffic you get. Give it a full 2 weeks to see if people are clicking on your ad and coming to your site. After you know it’s working you can ramp it up. (Just make sure you always spend less then the PROFIT you’re going to make off each new client)

RULE #6: Why aren’t People clicking on your ad
First off, check out my post on “my google adwords and facebook campaign.” Start out with those ads and then test them with your own. If people aren’t clicking on them look to see where they are showing up. If it says that you are showing up on the 2nd page of Google for that keyword, or #7 or so, then you are spending too little to get clicked on. Try increasing your price per click, but keep your total daily spending at $5.00 still.

RULE #7: Set it and forget it!
I only check in on my Google account once a week at most now. I know my ads convert now and I know my conversion rate. I don’t need to micro-manage it anymore – I have plenty of other commitments to spend time on. (S3 Insider’s Tip) I would say I spend around $500 – $1,000 a month now to advertise all parts of my offline fitness business. Keep in mind though that I started at $5.00 a day and then gradually increased it to $10… then $15… then $20… and so on.

I don’t recommend spending wildly on anything – I’m conservative with my advertising dollars until I know something works. I believe you should do the same.


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