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If you’re going to sell packages, products, or services online you need an easy to use shopping cart system. This is the one I recommend and that I’ve been using for years. Click here to set up you own.

Here are the vendors I’ve been using for 3 years:

My Shopping Cart for All Place Online Orders:
>>> 1ShoppingCart Software

My Merchant Account to Process Payments:
>>> Practice Pay Solutions

(They’re an Company)

Here’s how I use them both:

For all my online products and services I direct people to a link provided by 1ShoppingCart. That order is then processed automatically by Practice Pay Solutions.

Also, for all studio EFT billing I go directly into my online account with

In that site I am able to set up “recurring billing” or one-time charges. It’s super easy to do and I literally “set it and forget it.”

If you need to process a refund or change an order you can also do that right on their site as well. Plus, I can search for orders if a client ever has a question.

My merchant account charges between 2.75% – 4% depending on whether it’s a MasterCard, Visa, or AMEX. I do not take Discover… they charge 4.5% and anyone who has Discover usually has one of the other cards as well.

So basically, you put in the work one time and then you’re good to go for life!


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  • Hi Terry,

    The link is now working.

    I listed my full comments on PayPal under “merchant account” in the Resources category.

    Hope these help!

  • Terry Ford

    1shoppingcart link does not seem to work.

    Do you have an opinion about Paypal?