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In this post you’ll find my power-packed 60-minute teleseminar on how you can use my proven system for creating a $100,000 business (or adding $100,000 to your current business) within the next 4 months. I outline my exact 7 step system and even give you the MP3 of the seminar to download and listen to on your own time. I highly recommend you put this information to use and fast!


“New Year – New Success” Teleseminar


* Please note that the outline below serves just as a guide to follow along with while listening to the call or reviewing your own private notes. I cover much more and in greater detail on the call. However, I do think that most people enjoy having an outline to look back on after the seminar is over… Enjoy the MP3!

>>> Play or Download the “New Year – New Success” MP3 below:

New Year – New Success Teleseminar NOTES:

Hi everyone!

I’m excited to get this teleseminar started today it’s called “New Year – New Success”

The reason it’s called that is because it’s what I use every time I start the New Year, hire a new CPT, or coach a new fitness pro to reaching 100K.

I especially like to hit this method hard every January, March/April, and September.

I find those 3 times of the year people are looking to get started with a new fitness program and are ready to buy!

Today we’re going to cover how to quickly build up a new or existing business within 90-120 days. That means using the system I outline you should be able to ramp up and sell out of all available client openings for yourself or a new CPT you’re getting started.


So the first thing you need is a plan.

You see, you can’t reach a goal without actually knowing what you’re trying to achieve…

Get specific:

We’re going to find 17-35 clients (1-2 a week) over the next 90-120 days, which will equal:

$7,000 @ $197 for bootcamps or small groups ($84,000)

$8,500 ($62/session) @ 497/mo. for private training ($101,000)

(See my 100K in 10 Months Presentation)

* Also, if you haven’t figured out the LTV (life time value) of a client yet, get to it! Once you do you will be able to figure out how much you can spend to acquire a new client. (Remember to take into consideration any commissions, etc. that you are paying out)


How you’re going to get these new clients:

Shoot for 1 client per week (2 for bootcamps or small groups)

Active Forms:
1. Doorhangers
2. Postcards (cost more money)
3. Rack cards
4. Flyers on cars – rack cards
5. Coupon card – let your prospect choose the deal they want!
6. Lead boxes in related and unrelated businesses
7. Rewards campaign for non-client referrers ($50-100 per referral)
8. Open houses
9. Referral Contest (4 coupon sheet)
10. Google Adwords
11. Facebook posts and fan pages
12. Twitter tweets about program announcements
13. YouTube videos to get ranked on Google, etc.
14. Sponsor a “Meet Up” group and do a seminar for then (www.MeetUp.com)
15. Client reactivation emails/calls
16. JV with local business – reciprocal emails
17.  Rack card holders in dry cleaners, coffee shops, hair & nail salons
18. Put up your referral coupon sheet in your studio and in your new client folders
19. Ask and personally email each one of your clients (see S3 Website)
20. Give a weight loss or athletic training seminar – $10 that goes to charity

Passive Forms:
21. A Frame with rack card holders placed in high traffic area
22. Vehicles lettered – pay CPTs $100 a month
23. SEO
24. Google, Bing, and Yahoo Local Business Searches
25. Yelp account with reviews
26. Get listed on CPT directory websites (type in your keyword)

Basically, what you’re looking for is to get 1 client from each of these marketing modalities. All total the cost will be $400-$1,000 in exchange for an ongoing $7,000-$8,500+ a month income… not a bad trade.

*It’s important to remember that some marketing sources will yield 5 leads, some 1-2, and others none… you won’t know until you try!


Make the most out of every lead you get:

Shoot for 1 client per week (2 for bootcamps or small groups) and double that in leads

You don’t need 200 leads – that’s ridiculous
– Do you have the customer service to even get back to 200 leads?
– That would be a minimum of 33 hours with just a 10-minute call or email!

Use the email follow-ups and phone call sequence from the S3 Member site.

To review:
Day 1: Email
Day 2: Call
Day 3: Email
Day 4: Call
Day 5: Final email & leave it open to contact you when the time is right
(5 days straight)

Have your CPTs email you their openings first thing that week – we do it at our Monday meeting.

Give people 3 ways to contact you (email, website, phone).

Check your voicemail right away and call people back.

Make sure your website has a link on each page directing them to fill out your online health questionnaire (pre-qualifies your leads).

I prefer to send people to my “get started” page, but if you have a secretary you can have them call your studio – just make sure they have a phone script.

Email seems to be the best bet, since most people who can afford training don’t like to be bothered with phone calls. They’re busy and you need to respect their time before they get to know you.

The worst thing you can do is get a lead to take the time to fill out your online health questionnaire and then not be able to get them in. They’ve already committed so just don’t talk them out of it!

(Follow my DVDs on the “Client Conversion System” and  “Comp Session Converter” on how exactly to maximize lead conversion.)

After all they’re coming to you as the expert and they need your help and guidance!


What you focus on grows… and grows… and grows:

I have a whiteboard in my office that gets erased every time I have a new CPT come on board.

It is reserved for our weekly meetings to see what marketing goals we have accomplished, what’s on tap for next week, and how many leads we got over the past 7 days.

I’m actually looking at my whiteboard right now and it has this written on it:

Month #1: 3 clients (6 sessions)
Month #2: 6 clients (9 additional sessions – 15 total)
Month #3: 6 clients (10 additional sessions – 25 total)
Month #4: 5 clients (9 additional sessions – 34 total)

That means in 4 months my new CPT got 20 new clients and 34 total sessions from scratch.

Plus, we don’t stop there.

We keep pushing until they reach the goal they’ve set for themselves, which is usually 40 sessions per week… which equals about 30 hours since we do 45-minute sessions back to back.

I think the real issue is that people over complicate things – all we did was take it week by week and every day we did something new to improve our chances for success.

If you’re not working EVERY DAY to reach your goal then you can’t honestly say you really want success because your actions don’t match your words.

My last point is this:

What if it took 6 or 7 months to reach $8,000+ a month in revenue. What if it took a year? It would still be worth it right?

I mean at that point you’ve built a $100,000 a year business that will be sustainable for life!

I now use this method to keep continuing to grow my business through in-home, corporate, online, seminars, and more…

The sky is the limit once you realize it’s only a matter of putting the right plan into place, working that plan every day, and ceasing to give in until you’re successful!


Success is an attitude:

It’s a little swagger in your step.

I refuse to be anything less than the #1 personal training & weight loss studio in my city… and I have a ton of competition!

I’m willing to do whatever it takes.

I’ll out work, out research, and out “do anything,” to be #1.

Like I said – it’s definitely an attitude you need to adopt.

All I did was take my love of sports competition and bring it over to business. It’s fun to me and I never think about destroying anyone else’s business like some people do – I merely focus on my own goals and work towards their achievement.


Here’s the reason why I believe I own the most profitable studio in the world:

Money to me is simply a way of keeping score, but if you were to ask me right now how much I made last month or the month before I couldn’t tell you… I’d have to go back and check my back account.

Of course, in the beginning you need to follow my previous advice of tracking all your numbers to the cent – that way there you know where to best allocate your money and make sure you can pay your bills that month ; )

However, I’ve now gotten to the point where I know what I’m consistently bringing in each month and have no money worries whatsoever – it’s a feeling I want you to experience one day and that’s why I’m about to share with you how I am able to do this.

My secret is that I don’t focus on making money for myself.

Let me explain.

When I opened my studio I focused on providing 17 clients with incredible service and helping them transform their lives.

Then I focused my energy on helping 2 CPTs at my studio build their businesses so that they to could help 17 clients and make more money than they had ever known.


I help the CPTs at my studio make $84,000-$100,000 a year while most CPTs in the industry make about $37,000.

It feels great making a profit while helping others.

So as I said, my secret is to focus entirely on finding 17 clients for each new CPT I hire…

Sure, we’ll eventually get them more clients, but in the beginning I want them to hit that number as fast as possible. I ask them to put their faith in me and work my system until they succeed.

I let them know they’ll be some tough weeks and months in the beginning starting out, but within 4 months they’ll be selling at least $7,000 a month in training.

And from then on out, it’s consistent, reliable, secure monthly income by just providing great customer service to their clients.

You have to realize that if everyone started out making 100K then there would be no barrier to entry and everyone would swarm to this industry (the reality is that this is the same for every industry – only the top 1-5% make the real money).


Get your house in order:

What I do is plan out my marketing assault for 7-14 days from my go date.

I order all my marketing materials.

I buy my rack card holders.

I tighten up my website and make sure my leads don’t fall through the cracks.

Buy a white board and track your basic numbers (daily and weekly).

Check in and fill up your rack card holders at JV businesses weekly.

Never stop, never quit, never give in…

They’ll be days where it looks hopeless – everyone experiences those feelings (including myself). You need realize ahead of time that it’s going to happen. Accept the feelings as a natural part of the growing process and then push forward again.

Tomorrow is always a fresh, clean slate that you can make the most of.

Let me close with this:

If you truly want to grow your business and make a certain level of income and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen then there’s no way you won’t be successful.

It’s impossible not to be.

The only question is will it happen in a 3 months, 6 months, 1 year… 2 years?

Remember, you’re building a sustainable, consistent, reliable monthly income from the ground up – this is something that will continue on indefinitely as long as you nurture its growth.

That’s why I tell CPTs all the time even if you experience a lot of trial and error in the beginning the longest it will most likely take you is a year, but even at that it’s such a short period of time to add $100,000 a year to your business.

You can do it and now that you know what needs to be done the race is on!

Get started NOW and let me know how fast you added $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, or more to your business!

Can you do it in 4 months – I bet you can ; )


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  • Cary Holder

    Hey Steve,
    The income levels that you suggest we report back to you with, are these gross or net for the business?

    • Hi Cary,

      I enjoy hearing about all success stories – whether it be monetary gains or creating your ideal life.

      I always look at both gross revenue as well as take-home profit. Both number paint a larger picture of how your business is running and what you need to do in sales in order to make “X.”

      Best of luck!

  • Anthony DAssisi

    Hey Steve,

    I am going ahead with my home gym as we are renovating to finish our basement anyway. I am holding off on the studio outside of the immediate city I live in because I am having second thoughts on commuting each and every day for more than 30-45 minutes on a good day.

    Do you have any suggestions as to type of equipment for a 17 x 14 foot room and any finishings for the walls etc.?


    Tony from Sicily

    • Hi Tony,

      Sounds like a plan and I would go with the standard equipment and begin to add more pieces as you see needed.

      I would personally go with a dumbbell rack, kettlebells, JC Bands, monster bands, a squat rack and barbell set, steps, foam roller, and medicine balls.

      Hopefully that helps and good luck!

    • (answered by email)

  • It’s going to be a highly informative teleseminar with 100% action-packed usable information!

    Please leave any questions you would like answered in the comment section and I will definitely get to them on the call!

    • Ben James

      Where can I find the Comp Session Converter DVD mentioned in the notes?


    • Hi Ben,

      The Comp Session Converter 3 Part DVD series is sent out to S3 renewals and bonus winners from the last S3 License opening.

      I’m not sure what other notes you are referring to, however, there is a post you can search on our new client folders on this site.