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How would you like a FREE Smart Studio Systems license? Sounds crazy, right? As a Smart Studio Systems member you are now eligible to earn $100 back per referral. That means that anyone whom you refer to become a fellow S3 member you make a commission on. We don’t do any big affiliate work with our Smart Studio Systems Licenses because they are Area Exclusive and we really try to keep this a tight community. But, I figured why not REWARD our best members for referring us new members like them. Here are the details:

The details are simple:

Although we only open up licenses a few times per year we will let in your referrals only while the doors are closed.

We are doing this to ensure we are only allowing in “the best” members while providing exceptional customer service. Plus, we get to reward you with $100 back (paid by check or by PayPal on the 90th day of their S3 membership) for every one of your referrals.

Here is all you have to do:

Email with the subject REFERRAL and just let us know the referral’s name and email address.

That referral can then either email us for the secret order page or we can contact them by phone for payment.

Easy, right?

Of course, this is not mandatory, but a few people did ask about how they can refer others and I thought this was the most fair way to do it (plus, it’s the simplest).

AND, if you refer enough colleagues you may just pay for your year’s S3 License!


Feel free to post any questions you may have below:


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