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New MembersThere’s so many goodies wrapped up in Smart Studio Systems that you may not know where to begin… Well, I’m going to help you solve that problem today with a step-by-step “playbook” for getting started as a new S3 Member. Inside this post you’ll find private links to my coaching videos, a welcome tutorial video on using Smart Studio Systems, and then a “where to go from here” explanation. Let’s get started already!

Hi S3 Members!

I just wanted to congratulate you again on the great decision you made to join an elite group of fitness business owners! We literally have Smart Studio Systems members from ALL around the world that include yoga, pilates, youth athletics, strength & conditioning, weight loss ,strong man, bootcamps, CrossFit, and everything in between. (Just no Jazzercise that I know of ; )

The great thing is that you have in your hands the same material I’ve used to create “The Most Profitable Studio in the World” doing close to 1,200 sessions a month on a 500 ft fitness floor while bringing in $1,000,000+ dollars a year in revenue.

I’ve also shared this business model with private coaching clients that include real estate agents, construction companies, dentists, lawyers, and many others that have gone on to create 6 and 7 figure businesses. This is an important note to comprehend.

The reason being is that the systems I’ve created are universal success principles that apply in marketing, business systems and money saving resources.

I also say this because even though this is completely geared to the fitness industry I know there will always be those that say, “well this may work for Steve, but it won’t work in my area or my business or my…”

The world is full of people that always have an excuse for why they aren’t successful. What we need are more action takers and those that see more possibilities than problems.

Here’s a great example of a brand new S3 Members (less than 2 weeks into his membership) that just posted this testimonial:

“Hey Stephen,

I just started using the new client welcome packet today, and both of my consultations signed up for 12 week programs to start with my new trainer next week :-) . Easiest ‘sales process’ ever. I’ve been looking for an effective way to show the difference between what my 1-1 clients get as opposed to my boot camp clients, and this simple folder really does the trick.

So with this tip alone, I’ve paid for my S3 membership well more than 3 times over already. Thanks!

Oh, and I added to your referral gift coupons a little bit. I made one of the coupons redeemable for a suspension trainer (which costs me only $30), and everyone really wants to bring someone in so that they can get one. Great stuff.”

– Chris Jarvis

(* Chris is what I describe as an ACTION TAKER that doesn’t have to wait to know everything before implementing. I’ll be expecting BIG things from Chris in the next 12 months and I hope you join him!)


Now, let’s get on with the show.

Please click the play button below for an introductory video on How Best to Get Started using Smart Studio Systems. And after that be sure to read the information below. I did A LOT of searching around and created an EXCLUSIVE INDEX of all my BEST coaching videos and left the links for you right on this page. (Most of these videos are no longer available to anyone except you.)

Once again, welcome to Smart Studio Systems (we’re practically family now)!

(If any of the videos ever seem like they’re “choppy” just hit the pause button and give it 1 minute to load… it’s worth it ; )

As you may have noticed from some of my videos I like to have a little fun and they are completely informal. BUT, every single one of them has a single primary message that will take your business light years ahead if you implement it in your business.

Given this fact, I am going to provide you with a private link to all of my best coaching videos (below).

* Please note I recommend watching each video or reading each post and taking notes on them. You may have already seen most of the videos, BUT have you implemented the main ideas and strategies from each one in your business? If not, why? Can you adapt in some way to make it work for you? Keep pushing yourself to move another step forward!

* Here are the links in the order I believe they should be viewed (Try to bang out 1 – 2 per day if possible):


How to Maximize Your S3 Membership:


Getting Started Teleseminar


How to Make More Money Per Hour


Fitness Business CashFlow Sheet (Track Your Profits and Expenses)


How to Add 33% to Your Income Overnight


How to Sell 12 Week Packages for Maximum Client Conversion (Close over 90%!)

(Disregard the sales copy below the video – Smart Studio Systems is closed to new members for 12 months)


Create Multiple Streams of Fitness Income – Create an Easy $100,000 Fitness Business Model!


Add Another 10K a Month to Your Business in 10 Months!


Use My New Client Welcome Folder – It Does all the Selling For You!


* After you finish all these coaching videos I then recommend you decide which part of your business needs the most work (leads, conversion, or retention) and then seek out the S3 Posts that will help you bring up that lagging area the fastest. Choose the ones that fit you the best, but never be afraid to push your limits!

I wish you all the best and I’ll be with you every step of the way – Just comment on any of the posts whenever you have a question!

– Coach Cabral






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  • The more you learn the more you grow!

    Pace yourself and enjoy all of the video coaching presentations and take a lot of notes.

    And, most importantly begin implementing some of what you learned IMMEDIATELY to start making more money!